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International Internships

International internships are a great way to start building up your professional career. By interning abroad, you gain useful skills that will be help you in your future while learning and experiencing a different culture. Below you will find the different internship programs we recommend, but this is an opportunity you must pursue yourself, job placement is based on your own professional skills. It is important to consider that placement is not guaranteed. 

International Internship Guidelines View PDF

API Internships (NEW)

API internship programs give you the opportunity to enhance your career development and your experience abroad by offering you different options that match your specific needs. 

For more information visit our program brochure pages.  

ISA Internships

Internship Abroad Programs Available Through ISA
ISA Internship Program Brochures

ISA offers unpaid international internships for academic credit in every field of study and gives 24/7 on-site support including a group orientation upon arrival in country. We custom build internships to meet students’ needs and provide essential support services to ensure a great internship abroad experience.

ISA internships are available:

  • in every field of study
  • for varying lengths in order to accommodate different majors and student with different internship requirements
  • in Australia; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Shanghai, China; Valencia, Spain; Santiago, Chile; Singapore; and London, England
  • in English so that even in a foreign language destination, language is not an obstacle to a great internship placement

The Global Career-Building Experience includes:

High-Quality Internship Placement

Your placement will be much more than just menial tasks or a “shadow” opportunity. You will receive high-quality work experience that you can put on your resume to set you apart from other graduates.

Academic Credit Option

Through our school of record, Chapman University in Orange, California, you can receive academic credit for our 6 and 10 week pre-set programs (not available for our custom date internships). Our academic supervisor abroad will provide the assessment required for the academic credit and you can select to receive a letter grade or pass/fail.

Personalized Program Based on Your Goals

This is your internship program and our job is to make sure that it serves your goals and provides you with the experience you need to be successful in the future. During the application process we will counsel you on internship opportunities that match professional objectives. Your internship placement is selected based on your personal and professional goals. We have hundreds of placements world-wide which we utilize; however, if none of those placements will match your goals, we will find an internship placement which will. This customization ensures that you get the most out of the experience.

Resume and Cover Letter Advising

In order to ensure a successful application to one of our placements, we will provide you with advice and assistance with writing your resume and cover letter. Many students have found this service invaluable as they begin or continue with their job search.

24/7 Health and Safety

In-country staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any health and safety issue.

Excursions and Adventures

In-country staff also arranges activities for internship students during their time abroad. This begins with our Bridging Culture Program – a multi-day in-country orientation for participants prior to the start of their internship. The Bridging Cultures Orientation gives you a chance to meet other students also abroad during the same time period, includes some great excursions, and provides global workplace coaching to ensure student success.

Global Personal Brand Discovery and Toolbox:

Developing your personal brand is very important. Your personalized Global Personal Brand toolbox will help you begin to discover and create your brand message to others, including potential employers. You will be able to communicate the value you will offer and what differentiates you from other graduates. From the beginning of the program through to your return, we offer numerous resources for you to begin to develop your personal brand and intertwine aspects of your international internship experience. Your toolbox includes:

  1. Workbook on Personal Branding – An easy step-by-step book that you can use for tangibles on building your brand
  2. Business/Networking Cards – Specially designed business/networking cards to take with you on the program to encourage networking
  3. Social Media Development – Resources or online workshop which focuses on LinkedIn account information and utilization
  4. Personal Brand Assessment – A pre-departure assessment on current brand strength
  5. Resume and Cover Letter Resources

Online Career Counseling Resources

All participants will have access to online resources for career development. These include:

  • Career Spots videos
  • Post-experience career development webinars
  • Resume and cover letter resources

Program Inclusions

In addition, the following items are also included in your program fees:

  • Academic credit (optional – additional fee applies)
  • Multi-day Bridging Cultures Program orientation (not included in Custom Date Internships)
  • Guaranteed Housing – typically in a shared apartment, dorm, youth hostel, or homestay
  • Health insurance
  • 24/7 onsite support
  • Pre-departure services including assistance with immigration visas, airline tickets, orientation,
  • Flight advice and booking options
  • Cell phone or sim card (minutes purchased at an additional cost)
  • Pre-paid public transport card (in Shanghai and Hong Kong only – in Australia and New Zealand this is an additional fee for the participant)
  • Option to add Mandarin lessons in Shanghai and Spanish lessons in Spain and Chile (for additional fee)

Note that all internships are unpaid

Learn more about internships they offer by visiting their website!

Yonsei Summer Internship

Yonsei University in South Korea provides summer internship opportunities.

Program Brochure

Introduction to program

Research Internship    Corporate Internship

The Korea Summer Internship Program offers YISS students direct exposure to global corporate settings in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Taking advantage of Yonsei University’s vast alumni networks and strong ties with business and educational partners, the program provides students with the opportunity to gain professional work experience and to build social networks in some of the world’s leading companies and organizations. Do not miss this opportunity to advance your career during this summer.


  • Eligibility: Students who are enrolled in YISS
  • Internship period: July  ~ August (6 weeks)
  • Working hours required: 20 hours per week
    * Working hours may vary depending on each sponsoring company’s conditions and student’s course schedule.
  • KSI Course Syllabus: KSI Course Syllabus
  • Expected benefits:
    • 3 academic credits, equivalent to credits earned in one YISS course
      *YISS internship participants can obtain a minimum of 6 credits and up to maximum 9 credits including 3 credits from the Korea Summer Internship Program. (Graded on Pass/Non-pass basis)
    • Certificate of participation issued by Yonsei university
    • Access to Korea Summer Internship Program network
To learn more visit their webpage. Apply Now!

University of Ulsan

The University of Ulsan has Internship Opportunities for Exchange Program Participants. 

  • Professional internships at Corporation around Ulsan or at the University are available. Sample companies include:Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motor Company, SK Energy, S-Oil, LG Chemicals, etc. 
  • Internships will last a duration of 15 weeks (during the semester), 8 weeks (during the break)
  • Full-time Internships will earn 12 credits (for 15 week program) or 6 credits (for 8 week program)
  • Interns will be asked to work atleast 35 hours a week and are unpaid. 

* As the number of internship positions is limited for each semester, the final participants will be selected based on their resume, major, experience, GPA, etc. ( The result will be released along with the application result / highly competitive)

To learn more about The University of Ulsan and how to apply please check out the details here on our website.

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