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What Parents Need to Know

The following information has been compiled from a variety of sources including What Parents Need to Know: Before, During, and After Education Abroad by Janet Hulstrand (2007).

Your student can have the best experience with just a little bit of help from you!

We know how difficult it was for parents to send their children to kindergarten, and then again to college. So, we definitely know how difficult it might be to send your child to a different country to study! As difficult as it may be, RELAX. Remember that your child is growing up. Your students are learning responsibilities and experiences that will help them mature for the future and their careers.

The best way to help your students prepare to study abroad is to allow them to take the responsibility and prepare for the experience themselves. You should be there to lend a hand, give advice and support, but you must also permit them to establish credibility and maturity in preparing for such an experience. Furthermore, if the students prepare the trip themselves, with help from the Study Abroad office and advisors, they will be able to follow-through on decisions while abroad. The preparation stage will also help them to tackle obstacles abroad if there ever are any.

More advice is also offered at The Center for Global Education.

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