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Northwest Missouri State University Study Abroad Office is constantly checking the current travel advisories issued by the US Department of State. Here are listed some of the recommendations that we have given to the student during our outgoing orientation:

  • As soon as you arrive to your destination, please contact your family.
  • Register in the nearest US consulate.
  • Constantly check travel advisories.
  • Do not travel to countries listed under travel advisories.
  • Try to communicate with your family and/or the study abroad office regarding any trips that will take more than 2 days.
  • In case of terrorist attack or natural disaster in the city where you will be residing, please contact your family immediately and the study abroad office.
  • In case of crisis please contact the study abroad office as well as read the guidelines from the US Department of State on Emergency Services to US Citizens Abroad


Health Insurance Requirement

In order to comply with the guidelines established for Study Abroad programs, Northwest requires that all Study Abroad participants verify their enrollment in an ample health insurance policy that will provide them with comprehensive coverage while they are abroad that is equal to or greater than the coverage provided by the LewerMark Study Abroad.

Whether students are enrolled in the Northwest Missouri State University Student Health Plan, a plan through a parent's employer, or another type of plan, it is essential to be familiar with the existing coverage and the procedures required while overseas. Most domestic health insurance policy may not cover the insurer while overseas, as many policies have strict coverage limitations, or only cover medical emergencies abroad

LewerMark Study Abroad Insurance Benefits

  1. Medical Expenses 100% of reasonable expenses.
  2. Medical Evacuation
  3. Counseling referrals
  4. Bedside Visit
  5. Repatriation of Remains
  6. 24 hr Global Assistance Services, which provides referral to nearest, most appropriate medical facility or health provider.
  7. Political Security and Natural Disaster Evacuation Services

For more information follow this link

**Please note that all Northwest students are insured through LewerMark, except for ISEP students. For information on the ISEP insurance coverage please visit this page.


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