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Advising Students

What are the Study Abroad Requirements?

The minimum GPA required for participating in a Study Abroad Program is 2.5. Other programs or institutions require a higher GPA (ranging between 2.75 and 3.0). Good academic standing is also taken into consideration, students who are on academic probation will not be allowed to Study Abroad. For more complete information please read the Study Abroad Guidlines.

What about Student Advising?

As part of the application process, the Northwest Study Abroad Office requires that students discuss their study abroad options and plans with their advisors. Some faculty members may be very familiar with the Northwest Study Abroad options, but others may know very little about a particular program, making it difficult to advise students. Even if you do not know much about the institution where a student may study, here are a few ways in which you can help students to make the most of their study abroad experience:

  1. Discuss Study Abroad course options with students and suggest courses that may be particularly helpful for the major/minor.
  2. Be familiar with major/minor requirements and know which ones students may be able to take abroad and which requirements must be fulfilled at Northwest.

To learn more about individual programs, please visit our program directory or contact the Study Abroad Office.

Why Reference Letters?

All Study Abroad participants must have one letter of recommendation from an instructor who have taught them at the undergraduate level. These letters are required by our partner universities and are a vital part of the screening process for selecting participants for our overseas Study Programs. Mainly what we are looking for is the student's ability to adapt to a new situation and to function in a different academic environment. We realize that this is an extra burden on your time and appreciate your efforts to support Northwest students in this way.

How Does the Credit Approval?

Academic departments have sole authority and responsibility for reviewing and approving study abroad courses for credit at Northwest. When reviewing courses, please keep in mind that not all institutions abroad require the detailed syllabi that are common in the United States, and many foreign universities require more independent work outside of scheduled class hours to successfully complete a course. Students are requested to obtain approval of the courses they intend to take abroad before they leave Northwest, but often complete information about course offerings is not available until the student arrives abroad. While it is the student's responsibility to provide you with the necessary information for reviewing a course, the Study Abroad Office will be glad to assist you as needed.

Procedures for Establishing New Agreements

A bilateral partnership is definded by a commitment between two universitites that may include any of the following: exchange of undergraduate or graduate students, exchange of faculty and /or staff, joint research efforts, or other collaborative efforts. However, the main activity that results from a bilateral exchange partnership is the reciprocal exchange of students with an option for Direct Pay enrollment. Procedures for Establishing New Agreements  For further information, please contact the Dr. Phil Hull, Director of the Study Abroad Office.


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