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What Do I Do in case of an Emergency?

  1. Contact on-site coordinator.
  2. Contact Northwest Study Abroad Coordinator.
    1. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
    2. Call the main office at 660.562.1367 
    3. After hours or during vacation times:
      1. Contact Campus Safety by calling 660.562.1254.
      2. Let Campus Safety know you are (or have a) Northwest student abroad and that you are facing an emergency.
      3. Give your (or your students) full name, host institution, city and country and contact information.
      4. Describe in detail the case.
      5. They will provide you with Northwest's Study Abroad Coordinator's emergency contact number.
  3. Communicate!

What is Considered an Emergency?

  • Life threatening events
  • Terrorist events
  • Natural disasters
  • Major Accidents
  • Hospitalization

If your student plans to travel and will not be in his/her remote location, please keep in contact and have the individual send an email with the dates expected to be gone to you and to the Study Abroad Office in case there are situations in which we might need to question where you are (i.e. natural disasters, etc.).

Also, the student should always communicate with you, as well as the Study Abroad Office, when first arrived, so we know he/she has arrive safely.

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