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Personal Business while studying abroad

Filing Taxes | Voting

Filing Taxes While Studying Abroad

There are several options to file taxes while you are abroad:

  1. Send your W2 forms to your parents and have them bring it in to your local tax agency.  An example of a tax agency is H & R Block.
  2. Download the forms for filing your taxes off the internet.  Fill out the forms using the information from your W2 and send them through the mail to your tax agent.
  3. Go online to the company that you file your taxes with and fill out the tax forms online.  One option is going directly to the IRS website and use their e-filing system.  A word of caution in doing this.  If there are any mistakes on your files you will be charge for it!

*Your W-2 forms will be mailed to your house so the easiest way to file taxes is to just have your family do it while you are gone. If you wish to file them yourself you will need someone to send you your W-2 form to your host country.

Documents Needed to File Your Taxes

  • W-2 form sent to you from your employer

Voting While Abroad

You need to be registered in order to vote. This can be done in your home state with your home address or your Northwest college address in the state of Missouri.  You can register to vote while abroad by doing the following:

  1. Fill out an absentee ballot by first filling out a Federal Postcard Application at this link:  The Federal postacard application needs to be mailed this to the state in which you wish to be registered to vote.
  2. Your local state officials will then send you an absentee ballot for the election year.  Fill out the absentee ballot.
  3. Send the ballot back to the state you are registered to vote in before the deadline the state has set to accept absentee ballots.  Here is a link to see when the deadline is for the state you are registered to vote in:

*If you are already a registered voter you simply need to request an absentee ballot from the state you are registered in. Here is a link to request an absentee ballot

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