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My enrollment abroad has changed, what do I need to do to get new courses approved?


  1. Select a new course from yourhost institution and obtain a course description for the course.
  2. Revise the Northwest Catalog to see what Northwest course is equivalent to the one from your host institution.
  3. Access the CatPaws course schedule to see who the Northwest professor who teaches the class is. If the class is not being taught that same semester, contact the chair person from that department (contact information listed below)
  4. Send the new course description by e-mail to the Northwest chair or Northwest professor who would be transferring the class, and request authorization to transfer the course as a Northwest course. Explain why you are emailing instead of doing this prior to departure. Professors are used to dealing with this type of cases in person; they need clarification as to what happened with your enrollment and why it changed. Explain how time sensitive this is, and why you need a prompt response from him/her.
  5. Once the professor approves the course let the professor know that the Study Abroad Office will be sending documents for him/her to sign
    You need to send an email to with the following information:

Subject line: Course enrollment changed - request for new grade completion
Text: My enrollment changed. Professor: name and last name has agreed to transfer the following:
Name of the course abroad: ____________ # of credits: ____________
Northwest course number: ______________ Northwest course title: __________
Northwest credits: __________

Can I drop a class and still be considered a full-time student and continue to be eligible for financial aid?

There are certain things that you need to consider when making the decision of dropping a class while studying abroad View PDF.

I need to see a doctor, how can I access my insurance information while abroad and process my claims?

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