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Transferring Out (Going to a new university)

Overview: "Transferring" to another university has two (2) meanings.

For American students, professors, and administrators, "transferring" merely means using an official Northwest transcript to apply to go to a new university. Not all the classes will work for graduation, but some credit can work for graduation at the new university or college.  They will send a current transcript to the new university or college for evaluation and acceptance of those credits to count towards their degree requirements. Basically, they are taking the credits they have earned at here and are moving them to another school university or college in order to graduate. This process usually adds some more time to the length of their degree.  

For international students, "transferring" means you will have to apply with an official Northwest transcript to a new school (same process as American students) PLUS you will have to transfer your SEVIS immigration file to the new school. The International Involvement Center will help you with the SEVIS transfer AFTER you have been accepted to a new school.

Procedure and Requirements to transfer to another school:

NOTE: You need to ask the other school what you need to do to apply. Northwest will react to their admissions decisions.

  1. If you are planning to transfer to another school in the United States, you will need to first apply to the new university or college .
    1. Fill out their international student application and send in a copy of your passport page and your F-1 visa page with the application.
    2. You will need to send in financial documentation as well. Please check their international admissions page for this information.
  2. The new university or college international admissions office will guide you from there about their admissions procedures. You may need to fill out a "Transfer Form" for the new school either before or after you have been accepted by the new school.
  3. Once you are asked to fill out the "transfer form", come to the International Involvement Center to complete that form and send the fax copy to the new university or college . You need to drop this form off at the International Involvement Center Front Desk and ask to have the DSO complete and send the form. International Involvement Center will send that form directly to the University to which you are applying by fax at no cost to you. If you are applying to several schools, please inform us at the front desk when you drop off the forms.
  4. Once you have been accepted and are sure you will attend the new school, please email the International Involvement Center your request to finally transfer your SEVIS file to your new school of choice. This is when your SEVIS file will be transferred and only then can the new university or college make your new I-20 . (if you receive an I-20 and you did not transfer your SEVIS file and the number on your I-20 is different from your current I-20 then your file has not been transferred and you need to visit the International Involvement Center.
  5. Notify the Registrar's Office of your decision to withdraw, notify Residential Life (if applicable) if you are moving out or not coming to school to fulfill your rooming contract.
  6. Travel to and attend new school based on their orientation and arrival schedule and attend classes. Best of Luck in your new school!

Some notes about timing:

  • Once you have been accepted, contact your current DSO and inform them of two things:
    • Intent to transfer
    • Complete name of the school to which you will transfer
  • You must maintain status at Northwest until the current semester (Fall or Spring) is complete.
  • The course of study at the transfer-in school must begin within 5 months of the end of the course of study at the transfer-out school, or the release date set by transfer-out school, whichever is earlier
  • For current OPT participants, the course of study must begin within 5 months of the end of OPT, or the release date set by the transfer-out school, whichever is earlier
  • Must be eligible for an I-20 at the transfer-in school
  • The proper transfer procedures must be followed in SEVIS, within the required deadlines

Transferring In (Coming to Northwest Missouri State University - A great decision!)

Welcome to Northwest! Please visit the Admissions website for more information.

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