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International Agents

Dear Educational Recruiters, Advisors (EA's), and Agents

While our job titles may be different, the task of finding successful students from around the city, county, state, province, country or world unites our mission. Northwest Missouri State University ("Northwest") works with EAs from around the world to bring qualified and interested students to Northwest. Northwest has high standards of operation and looks for partners who put students first. Northwest constantly looks to improve the educational environment in order to prepare students to positively engage in their living - learning environment and the global community. We hope you can send students that will succeed in this environment. We have carefully created policies designed to help you and Northwest succeed in our mission.

Our recruiting policies are conceptually undergirded by NAFSA's Code of Ethics. We insist on personally knowing each agent before we sign a contract. We do this so we can assure that EA's business practices uphold our ethical approach to recruiting students. Our contract is designed to reward agents for sending qualified students that possess the personal skills and ability to succeed in a long-term program of study. This approach has merits and demerits and it is up to EAs to decide whether our institution is the right choice for your business model.

Thank you for visiting our website. The links below have been conscientiously added to directly connect you to the people who can immediately answer your questions. Please read the administrative overview to understand our operational structure so you can ask the right questions to the responsible administrators and use the links provided to guide you. Any questions specific to developing a partnership may be directed toward me at I hope you find the resources needed to help you competently advise students interested in furthering their education.


Dr. Philip Hull, Ph.D.
Director of International Involvement Center
Northwest Missouri State University

Resources for Contracted Agents

Administrative Overview

Northwest Missouri State University operates it international recruitment in a decentralized manner. This means there is not one office for admissions, I-20 production, arrivals, commission's payments, and international graduate admissions. Please contact Dr. Philip Hull ( for any questions you may have. You may refer to the EA Handbook for exact answers.

Contract Request Form

Northwest enters into contract agreement with EA's only after they visit the Northwest campus. Complete the following contract Contract Meeting Request Form.

EA Handbook

Download the EA Handbook »

Compensation Overview

We require our agents to send us a clear schedule of fees charged to students for the advisement assistance they receive from you. Practices such as charging a fee for scholarships earned are not permitted. We will survey students and keep a record of any malpractice observed and take immediate action to terminate our relationship if students are being charged for services we deem normal operations. Furthermore, students are billed for tuition and housing fees after they arrive here. Agents must not collect money for these purposes. Applicants from countries with currency restrictions may be required to submit a deposit in advance. Please see the admissions homepage for more information.

Commission payments are made twice a year; one in the late fall for summer and fall and one in the spring. A list of students will be mailed to each agent from the Office of Student Account Services for verifying that all the information is correct. Once you reply to the e-mail a check will be produced and mailed to the address that we have on file. If any changes please let us know. Commission payments are only made for students whose accounts are not in arrears. (If a student receives a graduate assistantship that waives tuition fees, the agent commission will be based on the amount that the student would have paid for tuition.)

For consultancies with branch offices or business partners, we will make payment to the consultancy that has a signed contract. We ask that all consultancies that have branch offices or partners to collect the applications in the central office and send all applications from there to our admissions office. Please clearly indicate the consultancy name on the front of the applications. Any discrepancy in who advised the student will be dealt with by asking the student in question who their consultancy is and if that is not an entity with whom we are familiar, no reimbursement will be provided for that semester.

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