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Transferring Your SEVIS Record to a New School

In order to transfer your SEVIS record from Northwest Missouri State University, please complete the form below and submit the following information to 

  1. Transfer form (if required by the New school)
  2. Acceptance letter from your NEW school

* indicates required fields

Contact Information

*Family Name:

*Given Name:

*Student (919) ID:

SEVIS Number:

Phone Number:

*Email Address:

Transfer Information

*Current Program of Study:

*Student Type:

*Name of New School:

SEVIS School Code for New School:

*Requested Release Date:

*New Program Start Date:

*I am leaving Northwest Missouri State University because:
Dismissal/Suspension from Northwest Missouri State University
To begin a new program
The new school is giving me financial support
To be near family/friends



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