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Carry a Copy of Your VISA and I-20

  1. Take I-20 and Copy of Visa from Passport.

  2. Print a copy of I-20’s front page by Minimizing that to 45% .

    1. Go to the Reduce/Enlarge column.
    2. Hit “More” and decrease the size to 45 by hitting the minus button.
    3. Hit “Save”
    4. Put the I-20 in the printer and press print.
  3. Take that I-20 printed sheet and put in the Paper Tray of printer upside down.

    1. Open up a paper tray that has 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
    2. Put the printed I-20 on the top face down.
    3. The I-20 should be in the bottom right hand corner of the tray.
  4. Now print just a copy of Visa with its original size on that same page and opposite side you printed I-20 by keeping the visa copy on 5.5’’.

    1. Fold the Visa so the main page is showing (Not the stamp page)
    2. Put it so it lines up on the 5.5” mark and the 8.5” mark.
    3. Go to the Reduce/Enlarge column and press 100%.
  5. Check that page and make sure the I-20 and Visa is on same edge of the page just opposite sides.

  6. Cut down the empty sides of the page.

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