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About Northwest

Where is Northwest?

Northwest Missouri State University is situated in the state Missouri. Missouri is located in the region of the United States commonly referred to as the Midwest.

Map of United States



Missouri has 8 neighboring states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

Map of states surrounding Missouri


Some important cities in Missouri are St. Joseph, Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, Springfield and Cape Girardeau. With your help maybe Maryville can be added to the list!

Map of Missouri

How's the Weather?

The weather can be cold during the months December, January, and February. During these months you can have a lot of fun in the snow! Temperatures can be as cold as -25 °C. During the months of March and April the temperature will get progressively warmer into the hot summer months. Expect temperatures as hot as 40°C in July and August. All instruction, housing, and office buildings at Northwest have central heating and air conditioning. The temperature inside remains constant at about 20°C.

*Average Maryville Temperatures in Celsius

Month Avg. Temp Avg. High Avg. Low
January -5.5 0 -11
February -2.2 3.8 -8.3
March 3.8 10.5 -2.7
April 10 17.2 3.3
May 16.1 23.3 9.4
June 21.6 28.3 14.4
July 23.8 31.1 17.2
August 22.4 30 15.5
September 17.7 25.5 10.5
October 11.6 18.8 3.8
November 3.3 9.4 -2.2
December -3.3 2.2 -8.8

* Actual temperatures may be more extreme

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