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A Healthier You

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City introduced this program to help improve total health and well-being. A Healthier You is a service provided on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website that allows you to set a course for better health and stay on track to maintain your long-term health goals. Visit and click on Health & Wellness to learn more about this benefit. Because the Office of Human Resources is focused on improving the overall health and well-being of the Northwest Family, we have decided to participate in onsite health programs offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City and Well*Life at Work.

My Rewards Program

The program we know as Points to Blue will be changing to My Rewards. Along with the change in the name of the program, the parameters around the program have changed as well. Enhancements have been made to your BlueKC member website and you will have a personal portal to access a personalized wellness plan, incentive checklist, and coaching interaction. For a detailed information sheet about the new My Rewards program, please click hereMembers are eligible for up to $75 in My Rewards. Qualifying activities include health risk appraisal and biometrics assessment (as mentioned below for $50 of the $75 you can earn throughout the year), health advising, self-directed digital coaching, worksite classes, condition management and health coaching. To view instructions about accessing your account, please click here.

Health Risk Assessment

A Healthier You starts with a health screening, providing you with the information needed to complete the next step of the program, the online Health Risk Appraisal. The appraisal will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle and then give you a wellness score. With a wellness score in hand, you will easily be able to identify your healthy behaviors and areas where you may consider making changes. We have provided the results of last year's Health Risk Assessment below for you.