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Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Barn Helper, Vet Helper


Nodaway County Veterinary Clinic

Job Description

 Working with livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine). Work would include assisting the veterinarian with cow obstetrics, castrations, large animal surgery, (lacerations, broken legs), to treatment of sick animals on site at the clinic or in the country. Be able to hook up chute and work it during exam. Cleaning of work area at clinic, cattle, and horse stalls. Follow directions of veterinarian for treatment of animals and record keeping of jobs.


 Must be able to handle 150+ pound weight (involving livestock, hay, feed). Have past experience of working with livestock is most helpful, Must be able to respond quickly to handle livestock situations. Have a valid drivers license. Self motivation.

Wage Rate

Varies with experience

Hours Available

Wednesday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 7am to 5pm.


Start Date


Application Deadline

Until filled


Dr. Ed Powell


23664 Business Hwy 71 N, Maryville MO



Contact the Supervisor to apply for this position. Apply for positions for which you meet the qualifications.