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Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Crisis Intervention Technician


Nodaway County Services - Turning Point Behavior & Crisis Services Division

Wage Rate


Hours Available


Start Date

4/22, 5/6 (start dates coincide with agency orientation dates)

Application Deadline

Until Filled


Linda Standerford


122 East Lieber



Job Duties

 Knowing and using the de-escalation tactics you will be trained on to support individuals and their staff to reduce incidences of high behavior. Following up with debriefs and participating in planning for how to respond proactively in the future. Demonstrate knowledge of behavioral management techniques, complete documentation by computer entry on a timely basis, work collaboratively with the Behavior Services Team.         

Job Qualifications

High school diploma, 1 year experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, if you have no prior experience, this experience can be gained by becoming a direct care staff with the agency first.

Contact the Supervisor to apply for this position. Apply for positions for which you meet the qualifications.