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Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Director of Northwest Traditions


NWMSU Office of Student Involvement

Job Description

Responsible for collaborating with campus offices and departments in the planning of major campus events.

  1. Executes a minimum of one entertainment act or activity during: Advantage, Family Weekend, Homecoming/Walkout Day, and Northwest Week
  2. Collaborates with campus offices and departments to meet the needs of the campus community and purpose of program.
  3. Events can include a variety of entertainment acts such as comedians, magicians, hypnotist, illusionists, and other non-contractual programs.
  4. Holds weekly meeting with the SAC Graduate Assistant.
  5. All events shall be planned one semester in advanced of the event date.
  6. Responsible for the completion of event approval process and event data collection.
  7. Responsible for keeping detailed plans of all events, i.e. workflows, contacts, day-of-event timelines.
  8. Oversees the Northwest Traditions Committee. 


Student Organization leadership and event planning experience preferred.

Wage Rate

$500 scholarship per semester

Hours Available

10 Hours per week

Start Date

January 1, 2021

Application Deadline

November 19, 2020


Drake Summers




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