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Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Director of Marketing and Promotions


NWMSU office of Student Involvement

Job Description

Responsible for the creation and marketing of advertisements for all events through online social media outlets, traditional media outlets, and public awareness strategies.

  1. Serves as Social Media Coordinator.
  2. Responsible for posting on all social media.
  3. Adjust the presentation of posts in accordance with audience engagement.
  4. Serves as point of contact for internal student media including, but not limited to, The Northwest Missourian and KNWT Channel 8.
  5. Serves as point of contact for all external media outlets, such as T.V., radio stations, and off-campus print publications.
  6. Responsible for communicating with University Marketing and Communications regarding events and any special needs of such events.
  7. Responsible for designing and creating promotional items including, but not limited to, flyers, showcase posters, and giveaways.
  8. Responsible for the communication of marketing needs to University Mail & Copy Center.
  9. Responsible for the distribution of, and collection of, all promotional items.
  10. Promotions for each events shall begin in a timely manner, and no later than one month prior to the dates of the event.
  11. Uses guerilla-marketing strategies.
  12. Holds weekly meeting with the SAC Graduate Assistant.
  13. Oversees Marketing and Promotions Committee


Student Organization leadership, event planning, and marketing experience preferred. Proficiency in all social media platforms, Adobe Creative Suite, and canva preferred.

Wage Rate

$500 scholarship per semester

Hours Available

10 Hours per week

Start Date

January 1, 2021

Application Deadline

November 19, 2020


Drake Summers




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