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Important Open Enrollment Information

This web page contains the annual open enrollment communication, which includes information about the following: 

  • 2022 Benefits Overview
  • Open Enrollment Period
  • Benefits Statement
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Virtual Benefits Education Meetings
  • Open Enrollment Forms
  • Employee Plan Cost Calculator Tool
  • Annual Notices

2022 Benefits Overview

Our Benefits and Wellness Committee, with the help of the Northwest Leadership Team, has carefully evaluated and finalized the University’s renewal of health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits for the 2022 calendar year.

In 2022, we are pleased to announce no changes to dental, vision or life insurance plans. The rising costs of
health insurance coverage continue to be a challenge for the University, and Northwest is addressing a $1.2 million increase, or 17 percent, to its health insurance in 2022. In addition to increased employer contributions, the following will be implemented to help address the increase:

  1. Increase Out of Pocket Maximum on Base plan from $5000 to $6000
  2. Increase to Deductible on HDHP from $3500 to $5000
  3. Increase to employee contributions by 12%

Please review the open enrollment guide View PDF, the open enrollment electronic guide, or the open enrollment brainshark presentation for complete details, including plan designs and rates. 

Open Enrollment Period

This year, the open enrollment period will be Oct. 11 - Oct. 29. Please take a few minutes to review the tradition Open Enrollment Guide View PDF or the new, interactive Open Enrollment Electronic Guide. Both provide a summary of the plans and changes that will occur. Additionally, a Rate Sheet Summary View PDF is available to provide a snapshot of the benefit plan design and rate information. If you are not making any changes, no forms are needed for medical, dental, vision or supplemental life insurance. For enrollment changes for medical, dental, or vision elections, please complete an Insurance Enrollment Form View PDF and send to the Office of Human Resources by Friday, Oct. 29, at 5 p.m.

Benefits Statement

If you were employed prior to October 1, you will receive a benefits statement delivered to you through campus mail during the open enrollment period. This statement reflects employer-sponsored and any voluntary plans for calendar year 2021. This statement is intended to be a reference for you to review your current benefits in calendar year 2021 and does not reflect any plan design or rate changes for calendar year 2022.

Every effort has been made to provide you with accurate information in this statement. However, there is always the possibility of error(s) occurring in the collation and/or calculation of data. If you find a discrepancy, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Virtual Benefits Education Meetings

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City will host virtual benefits education meetings that will provide information about many of the services available to you through your health plan including chronic condition management, complex case management and whole person health support. Meetings will be available by Zoom on the following dates:

Tuesday, October 12 – 9:00 a.m. 
Meeting ID: 831 1324 3137
Passcode: 043992

Wednesday, October 13 – 2:00 p.m.
Meeting ID: 894 9768 7686
Passcode: 542935

Tuesday, October 19 – 4:00 p.m.
Meeting ID: 846 3686 0942
Passcode: 561171

Wednesday, October 20 – 11:00 a.m.
Meeting ID: 874 7223 7639
Passcode: 932227

2022 Open Enrollment Forms

  • Open Enrollment E-Guide - this is a new interactive tool available for employees to use while reviewing the open enrollment guide
    • make notes in your guide that are available only for you to see 
    • active links to another part of the document or external website
    • book mark pages to return to at a later date
  • Open Enrollment Brainshark Presentation
  • Rate Sheet Summary View PDF
  • Insurance Enrollment Form View PDF
  • HSA Payroll Deduction Form View PDF (for changes to employee contribution to Health Savings Account)
  • Life Insurance Form View PDF (for open enrollment changes to supplemental life and/or dependent life)
    • If you are requesting to add supplemental life insurance for the first time, requesting an increase to your current plan of more then $10k, or requesting more than $300k you must submit Evidence of Insurability. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.
If you are not making any changes, no forms are needed for medical, dental, vision or supplemental life insurance.

All forms must be returned to the Office of Human Resources by Friday, Oct. 29, at 5 p.m. 

Missouri Cafeteria Plan

  • If you would like to participate in a flexible medical or dependent care spending account, you MUST re-enroll every year
  • Enroll online at and use employer code MO
  • Forms due to ASI Flex by December 1


Employee Plan Cost Calculator Tool – Helps in choosing the right plan for you

Our benefits consultant, Lockton, has again provided a decision support tool to help employees select the right healthcare plan. The Plan Cost Calculator View Spreadsheet will help employees make an educated enrollment decision for 2022. Employees can enter expected healthcare services into the calculator, and the tool will calculate out-of-pocket expenses, providing employees with the total estimated out-of-pocket expenses by plan. 

Annual Notices

In this section you will find annual health plan notices as well as the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) notice:

Health Plan Notices View PDF (includes):

  • Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice
  • HIPAA Comprehensive Notice of Privacy Policy and Procedures
  • Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
  • General COBRA Notice
  • Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Notice

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Notice View PDF