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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join an living learning community (LLC)?

  • Connect with faculty outside the classroom and have additional opportunities to gain knowledge from an expert in your area of study.
  • Socialize with other students who have similar interests and goals as you.
  • Interact with peer mentors who are successful in the same academic field as you.
  • Learn about additional career opportunities and develop industry skills to be successful in your future.

Will living in the LLC help me academically?

Studies have shown that students residing in living learning communities have higher academic success rates, GPAs, and have a greater satisfaction with their overall academic experience.

  • Northwest students that participate in the LLC program retain at an 85% rate from freshman to sophomore year.

How much does the LLC cost?

The Fall 2022 LLC fee is $35 per student. The fee is used to offset a small portion of the programming and additional opportunities available through the living learning community initiative.

How do I sign-up for an LLC?


Mark your calendar!

Housing applications for Fall 2022 will be available at 9 a.m., Monday, November 1.

Apply for a Fall 2022 community by completing your housing application in CatPAWS and submitting the $50 prepayment. As you begin the housing application, select the Living Learning Community application. Please contact the Office of Residential Life for questions related to the housing application. For questions on the LLC initiative, please contact the Student Success Center at 660.562.1726.

Steps to apply for housing


Log in to CatPAWS
      a. USER ID
      b. PIN


Select "Housing" tab


Navigate into the Housing System


Click "New/Returning Students"


Click "Fall 2022"


Click "Start Your Application" in
      Option 1: Living Learning Community or
      Option 2: First-Year Housing


Complete application


Submit prepayment to secure your place

All living learning communities will reside in South Complex.  Please note that your roommate must also be a member of the same LLC.

  • Agricultural Sciences: 1st and 2nd floor Tower Suites West
  • Business: 3rd floor South Complex
  • Education: 3rd floor South Complex
  • STEM: 2nd floor South Complex
  • Honors Program: 2nd floor South Complex
  • Esports: 3rd floor South Complex

If I apply, does that mean I am automatically put in the LLC?

There are many students interested in the living learning communities, and therefore the space is limited. Your LLC status will be communicated via email within two weeks of your application submission.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes, you can request a roommate only if they selected to live in the same living learning community.

What happens if I change my major?

If you change your major to something outside the participating schools and departments before classes begin, your housing will need re-assigned and your class schedule may need revised. Should you change your major after the start of classes in the fall, your housing will be reviewed and may need to be re-assigned.

I have questions on the LLC program. Who should I contact?

If your questions are directly related to your major or coursework, please contact the academic coordinator for your community. If you have general questions about the LLC program, please contact the Academic Success & Retention unit at 660.562.1726.