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Meet the Classrooms

Grade-level Classes

The row color corresponds with the door color of the classroom.


This is a time to make friends and learn lots of new things each and every day. Our days will be filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing. Hands-on learning activites abundant every day.

   First Grade

First Grade is built upon growing great readers, creative thinking and building new relationships. Every day is an adventure in First Grade!

   Second Grade

Reading and writing strategies are taught using a balanced literacy approach throughout the year. Independent study, problem solving, and technology are interwoven throughout all subjects. Learning is celebrated everyday in Second Grade!

   Third Grade

A year of transition from skill development to skill application highlight the Third Grade year. Technology integration is evident in all subjects. Third graders explore great literature and celebrate the world!

   Fourth Grade

Missouri history is a highlight of Fourth Grade with technology integration, community programs, balanced literacy approach, and using oral, written, and visual communications. Collaborative learning is the norm in Fourth Grade.

   Fifth Grade

Literature based units, multi-age cooperative research based projects, and technology integration are infused throughout the day.

   Sixth Grade

With each student receiving their own laptop, Horace Mann third-sixth grades are able to access technology throughout the day. Inquiry based learning focuses on processes and thinking skills.

Subject-based Classes

Art Education

Hands-on exploratory and problem solving approaches are used in Art Education classes. Students investigate the visual arts through painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, drawing, fibers, and printmaking.

Music Education

Horace Mann students explore music through instruments, movement, listening, games, and rhythm.

Physical Education

The emphasis of our Physical Education program is lifetime fitness and nutritional studies. The more skills each student develops in physical education the more likely he/she will use those skills to enhance their quality of life. Studies include:

    • Roller skating
    • Swimming
    • Gymnastics
    • Rock climbing wall
    • Run fitness stations
    • Lifetime sports