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Independent Studies

The Independent Study gives junior and senior psychology or sociology majors or minors the opportunity to conduct an intensive, in-depth study in an area of their choice, subject to the permission and supervision of a faculty member and permission from the department chairperson.

An independent study may take the form of a research project. Any student interested in conducting undergraduate research should approach a faculty member who has interests similar to the student's (see the directory to find a list of the current research interests of faculty.)

Students may opt for an intensive readings course. As such, a faculty member generates a reading list for the student and together they decide how often they will meet to discuss the readings. This may be appropriate for a student interested in becoming an "expert" in some area of interest, or it may be an appropriate first step prior to conducting an undergraduate research project.

Students must have completed 13 hours toward the psychology or sociology major and must have at least junior status to be eligible for an independent study.