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Individualized Supervised-Practice Program

Welcome to Individualized Supervised-Practice Program (ISPP) in the School of Health Science and Wellness (SHSW) at Northwest Missouri State University. We are pleased that you have decided to continue your dietetic journey here at our university.

Program Description

Northwest ISPP requires the completion of 1200 hours of supervised practice. Interns are responsible for setting up preceptors and facilities to complete the supervised practice. The ISPP has been approved for a concentration in sports nutrition. 

Mission Statement

In accordance with the vision and mission of Northwest Missouri State University, the philosophy of the Food and Nutrition program is to provide quality education experiences, which are student-centered, use “leading-edge technologies,” and maintain commitment to continuous improvement. The mission of the ISPP is to prepare competent, entry-level registered dietitian-nutritionists for positions in all areas of dietetics and nutrition. The program will provide a curriculum with supervised practice leading to the obtainment of a verification statement and eligibility to take the Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Examination.

Goals and Outcomes

The goals for the ISPP program at Northwest are appropriate for the mission of the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (ACEND) and are consistent with the vision of the University and mission of the HHS department. They are:

Goal 1: The Northwest ISPP will develop entry-level Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist who possess skills necessary for success in the emerging roles in current and future general dietetics practice in multi-disciplinary, community-based and diverse settings.


  1. The program's one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of first attempt) on CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%
  2. At least 80% of program graduates complete the program requirements within 13.5 months (150% of time planned- 9 months)
  3. Of graduates who seek employment, at least 75% are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.
  4. 75% of the responding employers of the program graduates will agree that the graduate exhibits skills related to those of competent entry-level dietitian-nutritionist.
  5. 80% of program graduates take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion

Goal 2:  The Northwest ISPP graduates will contribute to the pool of registered dietitian-nutritionists in diverse settings.


  1. 75% of the responding graduates of the program seeking such positions will receive positions in the field of Dietetics in diverse settings within one year of completion of RD.

Program outcomes data is available upon request.

Program Costs & Financial Aid

Program Costs

There is no stipend with the program and the intern should plan for the following expenses.

Expense Cost
Program Tuition
  • $8,800 fee (financial aid not available at this time)
    • $1,000 payment due by first meeting on the Northwest campus for orientation
    • The remaining $7,800 will be paid according to the university schedule of fees by semester.
  • If an intern leaves the ISPP program before successfully completing all ISPP requirements fees will not be refunded.
Student Membership in Academy
of Nutrition and Dietetics
Textbooks variable
Orientation Session
(expenses incurred during required orientation
session in Maryville, MO including, but not limited to, lodging costs, meals, and travel)
Living Expenses
(car, car insurance, housing, food, clothing)
Health Insurance variable
Immunizations variable
Drug screen variable
Background Check $50
Physical Exam fee variable
Professional Liability Insurance variable
Jean Inman Course Review $385
Laptop Computer for a fee can be rented from college or provide own
Lab Coats $20
Nametag $10

*All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. 


Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available at this time. Loans may be obtained through outside entity.

Application Process

  1. Applications must be submitted through DICAS. DICAS Portal for applications will open the start of the second round match. Applications due May 15th.
  2. Applicants will be notified by June 5, 2020 by Northwest Missouri State University regarding application status.
  3. Applicants are expected to have preceptors and sites already established and confirmed by the time they come for orientation
  4. Required forms include:
    1. Application—Interns will submit the Dietetic Internship Program Application or a copy of their DICAS application.
    2. Proof of match application within the last 3 years
    3. Personal Statement
    4. 3 letters of reference
    5. Preceptor/Facility Plan
    6. Rotation Schedule
    7. $50 nonrefundable application fee (waived if Northwest alumni)
  5. Completed forms and documents must be mailed to:

Jessica Anderson MS, RD, LD
Northwest-Foods and Nutrition
800 University Drive, ADM 309A
Maryville, MO 64468

Application Checklist

  1. Review ISPP components and expectations. This is a distance learning experience and it does require self-motivation. Northwest faculty are here to assist and guide you but you will need to be diligent in keeping up with intern rotations, expectations, and assignments.
  2. Application form - Interns will submit the Dietetic Internship Program Application View Word Document or a copy of their DICAS application. 
  3. Transcripts - Official copies of your transcripts need to be submitted. 
  4. Proof of match application within the last 3 years.
  5. Three letters of reference. These may be included with your application or sent directly to me from those who are providing the reference letter.
  6. Personal Statement - Please answer the questions on the Personal Statement View Word Document document and submit.
  7. Facility form View Word Document - Only one facility form is needed per site.
  8. Preceptor form View Word Document - Complete one form for each preceptor, include the application form, resume, and copy of CDR card.
  9. Rotation Schedule View Word Document - Completed with preceptors and practice sites/facilities listed. Interns will submit this form with the initial application. It is our goal for you to have established 100% of the preceptors/facilities prior to applying. We ask that at a minimum you have preceptors/facilities confirmed for your Foodservice Management and Clinical Dietetics rotation confirmed prior to applying.

*Items underlined are to be submitted with application.

Completed forms and documents must be mailed to:

Jessica Anderson MS, RD, LD
Northwest-Foods and Nutrition
800 University Drive, ADM 309A
Maryville, MO 64468

Identifying Sites/Facilities and Preceptors

For the ISPP, interns must identify appropriate practice sites/facilities and preceptors that will provide opportunities to complete the supervised practice component of the internship. The program has identified learning outcomes, assignments, and readings that the intern completes to ensure that all competencies and requirements are met.

Guidelines for selecting: Students should use the Guidelines for Selecting Appropriate Preceptors and Precepting Sites View Word Document and the Rotation List View Word Document to determine appropriate practice sites and facilities.

Initial contact: Reach out to those contacts and networks you have developed.  Use those relationships to find preceptors and facilities.

Affiliation Agreement: An Affiliation Agreement must be signed prior to intern’s placement in the facility. This may be completed after intern is matched to the program, but the facility must be aware of this requirement. This is the Affiliation Agreement View Word Document example used by our ISPP program. Some facilities prefer to use their own agreement. These will need to be approved by our legal counsel.

Student Selection Criteria

  1. Applicant must have confirmation of Bachelor’s Degree and DPD verification statement or letter of intent to complete.
    1. * Applicant must have earned their verification statement within the past 5 years. If the verification statement is older than 5 years, applicant must show evidence of earning a B or higher in a MNT course in the past 2 years of application submission.

  2. Applicant must have applied for an internship through the DICAS system in the last 3 years and not matched to apply for the ISPP. Proof of match application must be provided.  If applicant does not have a copy or proof please contact DICAS to request copy.
  3. We encourage anyone to apply. Preference will be given to Northwest students who meet all application criteria.
  4. A minimum of four interns will be selected per calendar year. More interns may be accepted depending on application pool and resources with a maximum of ten interns per calendar year.

Academic and ISPP Calendar/Schedule

The ISPP will follow the Northwest Missouri State University academic calendar year. Students must attend the on-site orientation in Maryville, MO in August. Following the orientation interns will begin rotations as they have outlined and scheduled on their proposed rotation schedule. This schedule will be approved by the program director. It is expected that interns will complete the ISPP within 12 months from the initial orientation date. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Interns will provide a weekly update to the program to make sure rotations are being completed in a timely matter.

Suggested Rotation Schedule

  1. Inpatient MNT 1 (approx. 160 hours)
  2. Inpatient MNT 2 (approx. 320 hours)
  3. Outpatient MNT (approx. 40 hours)
  4. Food Service Management (approx. 360 hours)
  5. Community Nutrition which includes 40 hours of WIC (approx. 160 hours)
  6. Child/Adolescent Nutrition Education (approx. 40 hours)
  7. Sports Nutrition Concentration (approx. 80 hours)
  8. Elective Rotation (approx. 40 hours)

ISPP Completion Requirements

The student must successfully complete all coursework and supervised experience components including documentation of attainment of competencies through evaluations and assignments. During the supervised practice component of the program, a student must meet the competencies as designated for that experience. The student will be given formal evaluations at the end of each rotation, mid-way through the program and at the end of the program. A self-evaluation by the student by is also required at the end of each rotation. In addition, daily feedback on performance will be given to each student by the preceptor and/or instructor. Students may receive additional time to complete experiences, not to exceed one month. Students must complete all supervised practice rotations no later than one year from their orientation day. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The student must have no outstanding financial or other program obligations. Final grade for the supervised experience will be based on scores received from evaluations, participation points, orientation completion, and other supervised practice activities and assignments.

ISPP Verification Requirements

Verification of completion of the ISPP at Northwest will be given to all students who successfully complete the coursework and the supervised practice components of the program. Successful completion includes obtaining a grade of 80% or better on all supervised practice final evaluation forms from preceptors and coursework and case studies.