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Northwest Missouri State University


Word Definition
Active a fully initiated member of a fraternity/sorority
Alumni an initiated member who is no longer in college
Advisors alumni or campus volunteer who bring experience and guidance to collegians
Bid a formal invitation to pledge a sorority or a fraternity
Chapter a campus-based group of members that is affiliated with a (inter) national organization
Crossing a term used by NPHC groups to indicate that a new member has been fully initiated into the group. May also use the term "crossing the burning sands."
Formal Sorority Recruitment the recruitment period set aside by Panhellenic council for membership selection
Fraternity a greek letter brotherhood; the term "fraternity" often applies to sorority
Frat NPHC term used to refer to one's fraternity or a fraternity brother
Informational a forum for individuals interested in seeking more information about a particular NPHC fraternity or sorority
Initiation the formal ceremony during which a new member begins full membership in a fraternity/sorority
Intake the period of training before initiation when NPHC new members learn the history and traditions of the organization and bonds with his/her line
Interfraternity council the governing body of campus fraternities
Inter(national) term referring to the central organization of a fraternity/sorority
Line a group of new members in a specific NPHC chapter in a specific semester
National Panhellenic council(NPC) a national governing body composed of 9 of the historically Black Greek letter fraternities and sororities(typically referred to as the Divine Nine)
National Panhellenic Conference(NPC) a governing body composed of 26(inter)national women's fraternities
Neophyte a new member of an NPHC fraternity or sorority
New member one who has accepted a bid to a fraternity/sorority but has not yet been initiated
North- American Interfraternity Conference a governing body composed of 54 (inter)national men's fraternities
NPHC Council the governing body of the historically black greek letter fraternities and sororities at northwest
Panhellenic Council the central governig body of campus sororities
Philanthropy a charitable project sponsored by an organization
Prophyte someone who has been a member of an NPHC group for a year or more, or someone who has initiated new members
Recruitment the mutually selective process by which potential members and fraternity/sorority members get to know each other
Sands the term used to refer to men and women who were initiated in the same term and year(ex. Spring 2008). Note: they do not have to belong to the same group
Soror NPHC referring to one's sorority sister
Sororities a greek letter sisterhood; sometimes referred to as women's fraternities