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Northwest's commitment to building a successful Greek community is one which can only be accomplished if advisors, volunteers, chapter members and University representatives play an active role in achieving this goal.

The Role of the Advisor

An advisor adds to the continuity of your organization by making sure that successive officers of the organization understand the responsibility they share in this office, as well as explaining to the officers the policies established for student organizations.

Advisors also aid in the area of program content and purpose by helping student officers use their best judgment in selecting programs.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Advisor or Volunteer

  • To be aware of and have an understanding of those rules pertaining to organizations at Northwest as well as rules governing Northwest fraternity and sorority chapters.
  • To be aware of liability issues (i.e. hazing, alcohol, etc.) on the local and national level and advise the organization to make reasonable and prudent decisions regarding these issues in planning activities.
  • To encourage the organization to function within University guidelines and to not condone activity that does not keep with the letter and spirit of University policy.
  • To have a concern for the ongoing function of the organization this includes attend meetings of the organization whenever possible, reading of meeting minutes and knowledge of the organization's constitution and by-laws.
  • To be available to the officers of the organization on a regular basis for advice and consultation.
  • To serve as a resource person for planning events and programs, resolving issues confronting the group and orientating new members and officers. Campus advisors should be able to help Northwest students utilize campus resources available to them.
  • To be aware of the organization's financial status and encourage the maintenance of accurate financial records.
  • To encourage the learning process by remembering that it is the students' organization and they are free to make their own decisions.
  • To attend meetings of the organization advisors when requested by the Office of Student Involvement
  • To work in partnership with University staff, chapter advisors and national headquarters to foster a positive fraternal experience for the undergraduate members.


In requiring fraternities and sororities to have chapter advisors, the University expects that advisors will take an active role in the organization. The nature and style of that role is left to the determination of the organization and its advisors. The role of the chapter advisor is to guide, advise and support the chapter and its officers and monitor their progress. A chapter may choose to have one chapter advisor or a team of advisors fulfill the responsibilities listed below.

The chapter advisor needs to be willing to devote significant time to the chapter, skilled in organizational and leadership development and proficient in their inter/national organization's policies and their interpretation. It is through committed advisors and volunteers that chapters achieve their greatest success.

The University's expectations of a chapter advisors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Supervising the chapter's affairs as they relate to the organization, the campus and the community. Maintain visibility within the chapter by regularly visiting the organization, interacting with members and attending chapter programs and meetings.
  2. Meeting regularly with the chapter leadership and being available to meet with members upon request. Ensuring that an effective and timely officer transition occurs.
  3. Serving as a resource person for planning events and programs, resolving issues confronting the group and being involved in the education of new members.
  4. Educating the chapter about inter/national policies, state and local laws and the chapter code of conduct.
  5. Ensuring that individual behavior is addressed through a chapter standards board that empowers members to hold each other accountable for their actions consistent with the values of the organization and the University.
  6. Attending meetings of the chapter advisors when requested by the Office of Student Involvement
  7. Utilizing campus and inter/national resources and attending inter/national at appropriate leadership conference.
  8. Working in partnership with the University staff, University Greek Advisor and inter/national headquarters to foster a positive experience for the undergraduate members.


Northwest Greek Life Staff

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Kappa Lambda

Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Sigma Theta

  • Campus Advisor: TDB

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Mu

Phi Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Phi Epsilon

  • Faculty Advisor: TBD

Sigma Sigma Sigma

  • Chapter Advisor: TBD

Zeta Phi Beta

  • Chapter Advisor: Samantha Hughes
  • Campus Advisor: Steve Bryant