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MBA Agricultural Economics Emphasis

The student who desires a career in the business aspect of agriculture may choose to pursue the MBA with emphasis in Agricultural Economics, which is offered in conjunction with the School of Agricultural Sciences. This program is a logical extension for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in agricultural business.

The MBA – Agricultural Economics Emphasis candidate will have two advisors – one from the MBA faculty, and one from the School of Agricultural Sciences.


For the emphasis in agricultural economics, the following course prerequisites must be met in addition to the MBA prerequisite courses:

NumberCourse Title
ECON 52151

AGRI 03110
Principles of Microeconomics
Introduction to Agricultural Economics
AGRI 03130 Plant Science
AGRI 03150 Animal Science
AGRI 03304 Farm Management and Records Analysis
AGRI 03334 Soils

Graduate Course Requirements

MBA Agricultural Economics emphasis candidates must complete the following courses: (See the course descriptions for the appropriate prerequisite courses.)

NumberCourse TitleHours
ACCT 51646 Managerial Accounting 3
ECON 52651 Macroeconomics for Business Managers 3
ECON 52654 Managerial Economics 3
FIN 53621 Financial Management 3
MGMT 54616 Organizational Behavior in Administration 3
MGMT 54618 Executive Seminar* 3
MKTG 55630 Strategic Marketing 3
CSIS 44623 Information Technology Management 3
Electives 12
Total Credit Hours 33


Electives: Any student who did not complete an international business course at the undergraduate level is required to complete MKTG 55631 International Business as an elective course.

Electives must be approved by the student’s advisor in advance. No more than three (3) hours of 500-level courses may count as electives

Most IT Management courses may be taken as electives if prerequisites are met, with advisor approval. The following non-business courses may be taken as electives with advisor approval.

NumberCourse TitleHours
AGRI 03502 Agricultural Prices 3
AGRI 03503 Agricultural Law 3
AGRI 03504 Futures Trading 3
AGRI 03505 Agricultural Resource Economics 3
AGRI 03508 Agriculture Policy 3
AGRI 03602 Advanced Agricultural Economics 3
AGRI 03604 Advanced Farm Management 3
AGRI 03691 Methods of Research in the Life Sciences 3
AGRI 03609 Special Topics in Agricultural Economics 1-3

*Executive Seminar must be taken during your last term of enrollment.

Under ACBSP accreditation standards, graduate students pursuing MBA degrees must complete at least 30 hours in courses reserved exclusively for graduate students (that is, 600-level courses).

NOTE: Ag Finance and Ag Marketing do not meet the prerequisite requirements for the MBA program.