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Northwest Missouri State University

Leadership Library

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About the Leadership Library

The idea behind the Leadership Library is to provide organizations with the basic materials and knowledge needed to be a successful leader. The hope is that the library will help individuals and organizations grow, and in turn enrich the Northwest Missouri State University Campus. All materials are available for use/check out through the Office of Student Involvement.


You may check out materials from the Leadership Library by completing the online reservation form.

Games & Activities




52 ways to have fun at work

52 Ways to Have Fun at Work

52 Creative cards with ways to have fun at work


Assortment of Balloons

A whole storage container ful of different color balloons


Bicycle Playing Cards

Regular jumbo playing cards

black bandanas

Black Bandanas

Five black bandanas



Bordertown is a 2006 American drama motion picture, written and directed by Gregory Nava and executive produced by David Bergstein, Cary Epstein, Barbara Martinez-Jitner, and Tracee Stanley-Newell. The film features Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Martin Sheen and many more.

playing cards

Classic Playing Cards

Regular playing cards

destress set

Debrief and DeStress Plus Set

Essential Set including: eyeball, question mark, light bulb, heart, hand, brain and a foot



Two packs of Cardinal brand Dice



Two packs of Dominoes


Green Yarn

A bunch of unwrapped green yarn


IceBreaker Beach Ball

Cool ball to conduct a game of icebreaker


Jumbo Rope

Thick white rope; can be used for numerous activities



A popular line of toy building blocks


Lunch Bags

Brown paper bags; can be used for multiple activities


Mad Libs Card Game

A game in which players draw 10 cards that have words written on them. Each card has either a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, or is one of two sorts of "wild" cards. The players' object is to create grammatically correct sentences using the words on their cards. A gin-like mechanic has players discarding and drawing cards so they can create their sentences.


Maverick Playing Cards

Regular playing cards

mega bloks

Mega Bloks

Big bag of building blocks; recomended play for children


Penn Raquetballs

 Pick up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks

A game designed to test physical and mental strength

Play Doh Party Pack

Play-Doh Party Pack

red bandanas

Red Bandanas


beach ball

Beach Ball


tinker toys

The Classic Tinker Toy





build a team

Winning Ways to Build a Team


splash balls

Splash Bombs


uno cards

Uno Cards


Leadership Books




10 Ways To Make Training Activity

Silberman, Mel 3001
The Diversity Training Activity Book Myers, Lambert 3002
Building Team Spirit Heerman, Barry 3003
50 Creative Training
Openers and Energizers
Solem, Lynn
Pike, Bobb 
50 Creative Training Closers Solem, Lynn
Pike, Bobb 
Emotionally Intelligant Leadership for Students: Facilitation & Activity Guide Shankman, Marcy
Allen, Scott
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Development Guide Shankman, Marcy
Allen, Scott
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Inventory Shankman, Marcy
Allen, Scott
Retreats That Work Expanded Edition Campbell, Sheila
Liteman, Jeff
Liteman Merianne
Energize Your Audience Ukens, Larraine L.  3010
The Big Book of Stress Relief Games Epstein, Robert 3011
Personal Style Inventory Third Edition (3) Champagne, David W.
Hogan, Craig R.
Higher Education: New Tiltles and Key Backlist 2008/2009 3013
Women Who Changed the World Quercus 3014
A Social Change Model of Leadership
Development Version III
Speeches That Changed the World Davies, Smith 3016
Educating Citizens: Preparing America's
Undergraduates for Lives of Moral
and Civic Responsibility 
Beaumont, Elizabeth
Colby, Anne
Ehrlich, Thomas
Stephens, Jason
Effective Project Planning and Management:
Getting the Job Done
Randolph, Alan W.
Posner, Barry Z. 
Habitudes: The Art of Self-Leadership Elmore, Tim 3019
Habitudes: The Art of Connecting with Others Elmore, Tim 3020
Habitudes: The Art of Leading Others Elmore, Tim 3021
Habitudes: The Art of Changing Cultures Elmore, Tim 3022
Principle Centered Leadership  Covey, Stephen R.  3023
Choices that Change Lives: 15 Ways to
Find More Purpose, Meaning and Joy
Urban, Hal 3024
How to Stop Wirrying and Start Living  Carnegie, Dale 3025
Robert's Rules of Order Second Edition  McConnell, Robert 3026
The Successful Leadership Development Program Byrne, Jo-Ann C.
Rees, Richard T.
Exploring Leadership for College Students
Who Want to Make a Difference
Komives, Susan
Lucas, Nance
McMahon, Timothy
Life After School. Explained.  3029
Moving Beyond Icebreakers: An Innovative
Approach to Group Facilitation,
Learning and Action
Pollack, Stanley
Fusoni, Mary
The Everything Stress Management Book Adamson, Eve 3031
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Covey, Stephen R.  3032
The Big Book of Icebreakers  West, Edie 3033
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing
Your Time Third Edition
Davidson, Jeff 3034
Chicken Soup for the College Soul Canfield, Jack
Hansen, Mark V.
Kirberger, Kimberly
Clark, Dan
Business Etiquette in Brief:
The Competitive Edge for Today's Professional
Sabath, Ann M. 3036
Inspiration, Encouragement, Humor & Motivation
for RA's by RA's
D'Angelo, Tony
Connolly, Amy
Oltersdorf, Dan
Breakthrough for a Broken Heart  Davis, Paul 3038
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change Covey, Stephen R.  3039
37 Keys to Greek Success Masters, Andy 3040
Pillars of Success Haig, Alexander Jr.
Zimmerman, Curtis
Summitt, Pat
Keim, Will
The Naked Roommate: 2011 College Survival Planner Cohen, Harlan 3042
Contemporary Issues in Leadership  Rosenbach, William E.
Taylor, Robert
Preventing Hazing Lipkins, Susan 3044
Sustainable Leadership  Hargreaves, Andy
Fink, Dean
Love G.E.A.R.S: A Relationship Tool Book Edmonds, Grant 3046
Credibility  Posner, Kouzes 3047
The Guide to Student Success Smith, Laurence
Lippitt, Ronald
Burkhardt, John
Let Your Life Speak  Palmer, Parker 3049
Winning Ways: How To Achieve
Success No Matter What
Webster, A'Yanna 3050
Fan Etiquette  Keim, Will
Lashbrook, Lynn
Sullivan, Eileen
Student Leadership Development: Approaches, Methods and Models Boatman, Sara A. 3052
Girls Fight Back: The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself Weed, Erin 3053
The Five Temptations of a CEO Lencioni, Patrick 3054
Student Success: How to Succeed in
College and Still Have Time for your Friends
Walter, Tim
Siebert Al
The Quest for Quality Mayhew, Lewis B.
Ford, Patrick J.
Hubbard, Dean L. 
Let Your Leadership Speak:
How to Lead and be Heard
Barnes, Rick
Coleman, David
Cureton, Doug
Dave, Lenny
Denney, Nancy
Haveson, Randy
Humphrey, Kathy
Keim, Will
Latour, Charles
Malinchak, James
Martin, Joe
Smith, Marlon
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex Piven, Joshua
Borgenicht, David
Worick, Jennifer
Martin Luther King, Jr. on Leadership  Phillips, Donald 3059
How The Way We Talk can Change
The Way We Work
Kegan, Robert
Lahey, Lisa L. 
First Things First Covey, Stephen R.
Merrill A. Roger
Merrill, Rebecca  
From Intern to President Make it Happen  Liles, Kevin  3062
I believe…I believe…I believe Zimmerman, Curtis 3063
Handbook of Leadership Development  3064
The Big Book of Meeting Games  Marlene Caroselli 3065
The Big Book of Customer Service
Training Games
Carlaw, Peggy
Deming, Vasudha  K.
The Big Book of Leadership Games Deming, Vasudha K.  3067
The Big Book of Motivation Games Epstein, Robert
Rogers, Jessica 
The Electronic Campus and Beyond Rickman, Jon T.
Hubbard, Dean L. 
Keys to Success in College and Life Keim, Will
Zimmerman, Curtis
Harrison, Nora V. 
Coaching for Leadership  Goldsmith, Marshall
Lyons, Laurence
Renewing Civic Capacity Morse, Suzanne W.  3072
The Pfeiffer Boof of Successful
Team-Building Tools
Biech, Elaine  3073
Standard Handbook for Secretaries  Hutchinson, Lois 3074
Inventories, Questionnaries and Surveys for Training and Development  Gordon, Jack 3075
The New Encyclopedia of Icebreakers  McLaughlin, Miriam
Peyser, Sandra
The Best of Active Training  Silberman, Mel 3077

Developing Leaders (2)

Gordon, Jack 3078
Alcohol Solutions for Special Populations  Peter Vogt 3079
Swamped: Facilitator Guide Second Edition HRDQ 3080
Living Learning Communities  Falto, Becky
Spangler, Susan
Yeninas, Gretchen
Phillips, Julie
The New Programming Binder Dicke, Laura
Klumpyan, Tamie
Phillips, Julie
Personal Style Inventory:
Facilitator Guide Third Edition 
Champagne, David W.
Hogan, Craig R. 
The Programming Binder Brelsford, George
Cornell, Kim
Phillips, Julie
Reitz, Dawn P.
Young, Steve
Killeen, Shannon
McLaughlin, Andy
Collins-Cardona, Joellen
Yanek, James
The Big Binder of Leadership Activities Agati, Tony
Christy, Laurel
Dicke, Laura
Klumpyan, Tamie
Manley, JJ
Mulroy-Bowden, Linda
Phillips, Julie
Rapp, Gary
Rapp, Krista
Strickley, Vanessa
Icebreakers and Teambuilding Exercises  Smith, Gregory P.  3086
Programming Themes:
Special Months, Weeks and Days
Shaefer, Kelly
Lango, Michael
Agati, Tony
Gordon, Sharon
Collins-Cardona, Joellen
Yeninas, Gretchen
Phillips, Julie
Human Issues: Programming Binder Collins-Cardona, Joellen
Gordon, Sharon
Phillips, Julie
Outback: Facilitator Guide  HRDQ 3089
Swamped 2nd Edition (5) 3090
Recognizing Student Leaders 3091
The Big Book of Motivation Games Robert Epstein, Ph.D with Jessica Rogers 3092
Learning Reconstructed 2 3093
The 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey 3094
Credibility: How Leaders Gain & Lose, Why People Demand It Kouzes and Posner 3095
More Team Building Activities Alana Jones 3096
104 Activities that Build Alana Jones 3097
Team Building Activities  Alana Jones


Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring Sessions You Can't Afford to Miss David Cottrell


Wins, Losses, and Lessons Lou Holtz


Multicultural Books & Movies




Half & Half Claudine Chiawei O'Hearn 4001
Half of a Yellow Sun Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 4002
How Strong Women Pray Bonnie St. John 4003
How to Eat to Live, Book 1 Elijah Muhammed 4004
How to Prepare for A Career and Get A Great Job Alan Farber Ph.D. 4005
How to Win Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie 4006
Hurston/Folklore, Memoirs, & Other Writings Zora Neale Hurston 4007
Icarus Girl, The Helen Oyeyemi 4008
I May Not Get There With You Michael Eric Dyson 4009
Into Africa Intercultural Insights Yale Richmond & Phyllis Gestrin 4010
Introduction to Projective Techniques Anderson and Anderson 4011
Invisible Man Ellison 4012
Jesse: The Man Who Outran Hitler Jesse Owen 4013
Journal of Black Psychology, The Ann Kathleen Burwel. Ph.D. 4014
Kinloch John A. Wright, Sr. 4015
Last Train North, The Clifton L Taulbert 4016
Latino Reader, The Harold Augenbraum & Margarite Fernandez Olmos 4017
Leadership Challenge, The Kouzed & Posner 4018
Learning as A Way of Leading Preskill Brookfield 4019
Learning Reconstructed 2 Keeling (Editor) 4020
Learning Structures Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. 4021
Letters to a Young Brother Manifest Your Destiny Hill Harper 4022
Letters to a Young Sister Define Your Distiny Hill Harper 4023
Lies My Teacher Told Me James W. Loewen 4024
Life in Crowded Place Peterson 4025
Living History Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton 4026
Man's Search For Meaning Viktor E. Frankl 4027
Measure of a Man, The Martin Luther King, Jr. 4028
Memoir of A Race Traitor Segrest 4029
Mentoring Gordon F. Shea 4030
Mis-Education of The Negro, The Carter Woodson 4031
My Bondage and My Freedon Frederick Douglass 4032
Names We Call Home Becky Thompson & Sangeeta Tyagi 4033
Narrative of Sojourner Truth Dover Thrift Editions 4034
Native Son Richard Wright 4035
Nature of Prejudice, The Gordon W. Allport 4036
New Leaders, The Ann M. Morrison 4037
New Negro, The Alain Locke 4038
No Longer at Ease Chinua Achebe 4039
Non-Manipulative Selling Anthony J. Alessandra, Ph. D 4040
Now, Discover Your Strengths Marcus Buckingham 4041
One Nation, Underprivileged Mark Robert Rank 4042
Ordinary Resurrections Children in the Years of Hope Jonathan Kozol 4043
Ossie the Autobiography of a Black Woman Ossie Guffy 4044
Pageland Hutchens & Gombert 4045
Path of Least Resistance, The Robert Fritz 4046
People's History of the United States, A Howard Zinn 4047
Positivity Barbara Frederickson 4048
Privilege Power & Difference Johnson 4049
Quran, The   4050
Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class Joseph F. Healey 4051
Race Matters Cornel West 4052
Race Rules Michael Eric Dyson 4053
Rachel and Her Children Jonathan Kozol 4054
Racial Healing (Confronting the Fear Between Blacks and Whites) Harlon L. Dalton 4055
Refusing Racism: White Allies & Struggles for Civil Rights Brown 4056
Say You're One Of Them Uwen AK Pan 4057
Season Of Justice, A Morris Dees 4058
Seven Days of Kwanzaa, The Angela Shelf Medearis 4059
Shack, The Young 4060
Shadows of The Neandrathal Hutchens 4061
Slaughter House Fire Vonnegut 4062
Solong A Letter Heinemann 4063
Soul Sister Grace Halsell 4064
Souls of Black Folks, The W.E.B. Du Bois 4065
Spell of the Sensuous, The David Abram 4066
Strengths Finder Tom Rath 4067
Student Service Ursula Delworth 4068
Students Helping Students Ender & Newton 4069
Synchronicity- The Inner Path of Leadership Jaworshi 4070
Testimony of Hope, A Harper Collins 4071
Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston 4072
There Are No Children Here Alex Kotlowitz 4073
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe 4074
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon hill 4075
Think Big Ben Carson 4076
Tip of the Iceberg, The Hutchens 4077
Tipping Point, The Malcolm Gladwell 4078
Toward Multiculturalism Jaime S. Wurzel 4079
Traveler's Gift, The Any Andrews 4080
Trials, Tribulations, and Celebrations Marian Gray Secundy 4081
Understanding Culture John J. Honigmann 4082
Understanding Learning the How, the Why, the What Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. 4083
Up From Slavery (Unabridged) Booker T. Washington 4084
Up Your Banners Donald E. Westlake 4085
Visions for Black Men Na'im Akbar 4086
Voices of Multicultural America Deborah Gillan Straub 4087
Volunteer Slavery Jill Nelson 4088
Waiting  'til the Midnight Hour Peniel E. Joseph 4089
Wampum Belts & Peace Trees Gregory Schaaf 4090
We Can't Teach What We Don't Know Gary R. Howard 4091
What Is Islam?   4092
When We Were Colored Clifton L Taulbert 4093
Why African Americans Have So Many Issues Marc Sims 4094
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D. 4095
Why Not You? Burton 4096
Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave Lushena Books 4097
Winning Attitude/Developing The Leaders Around You/Becoming a Person of Influence John C. Maxwell 4098
Winning Campaigns Robert F. Bonitati 4099
Woman Called Truth, A Asher 4100
Working Toward Whiteness (How America's Immigrants Became White) David R. Roediger 4101
Zora Neale Hurston A Literary Biography Robert E. Hemenway 4102
100 African Americans Who Shaped American History Chrisanne Beckner 5044
1001 Things Everyone Should Know about African American History Jeffery C. Stewart 5045
The 21 Indispensable Qualities A Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow John C. Maxwell 5046
African American Facts Marcus Williamson 5047
An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne's Poverty Theory Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu 5048
Ake: The Years of Childhood Wole Soyinka 5049
The Algiers Motel Incident John Hersey 5050
America in Black and White  Stephan & Abigail Thernstrom 5051
Americanos Latino Life in the United States  Edward James Olmos 5052
Arrow of God  Chinua Achebe 5053
As a Man Thinketh James Allen 5054
Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man James Weldon Johnson 5055
Aztlan: An Anntholody of Mexican American Literature Luis Valdez & Stan Steiner 5056
The Beauty Myth How Images of Beaurty are Used Against Women Noami Wolf 5057
Becoming Abigail Chris Abani 5058
Beloved  Toni Morrison 5059
Big Picture, The Getting the Perspective on What's Really Important in Life Ben Carson 5060
Black Children: Their Roots, Culture and Learning Style Janice E. Hale 5061
Black History for Beginners Denise Dennis & Susan Willmarth 5062
Black Power and Urban Unrest  Nathan Wright Jr. 5063
The Blacker the Berry Wallace Thurman 5064
Bless Me, Ultima Rudolfo A. Anaya 5065
The Bloody Ivy  Robert Goldsborough 5066
Bowling Alone Robert D. Putnam 5067
Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science of Slave Psychology Alvin Morrow 5068
The Brief Wondorous Life of Oscar Wao Junat Diaz 5069
Building Worlds, Transforming Lives, Making History: A Guide to Public Achievement  Robert Hildreth 5070
The Burning: Massacre, Destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 Tim Madigan 5071
Cervantes: Three Exemplary Novels in Original Spanish Juan Bautista Avalle Arce 5072
Cesar Chavez: A Hero for Everyone  Gary Soto 5073
The Chicanos Mexican American Voices Ed Ludwig & James Santibanez 5074
Civil Rights Chronicle: The African-American Struggle for Freedom Clayborne Carson Ph.D 5075
Clotel or The President's Daughter William Wells Brown 5076
The Color Complex: The Politics fo Skin Color Among African Americans  Kathy Russell, Midge Wilson Ph.D, Ronald Hall Ph.D 5077
Coming of Age in Mississipi: An Autobiography  Anne Moody 5078
Common Difference Conflicts in Black an White Feminist Perspective Glora I. Joseph & Jill Lewis 5079
Construction before Destruction Magazine by ISU 5080
Contempery Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ART Anna Eglities 5081
The Covenent Tavis Smiley 5082
Cuba Edited Martino Fagliuoni 5083
Dakota Twilight, The Standing Rock Sioux Edward A. Milligan 5084
The Dance of Life Edward T. Hall 5085
Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality: A Brief History of the Education Dominated Culture in the United States  Joel Spring 5086
A Different Mirror Ronald Takaki 5087
Dreams from My Father Barak Oboma 5088
Dynamic Thinking: Techinques of Achieving Self-Confidence and Success Melvin Powers 5089
Education of Blacks in the South, The 1860-1935 James D. Anderson 5090
Efuru Flora Nwapa 5091
Encyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor Henry D. Spalding 5092
The Famished Road Ben Okri 5094
Fella, The Life and times of an African Musical Icon Michael E. Veal 5095
First Dictionary of Cultural Literacy E.D. Hirsch Jr. 5096
For Colored Girls who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf Ntozake Shange 5097
A Fortunate Man John Berger 5098
The Fourth Way Andy Hargreaves & Dennis Shirley 5099
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Ben Carson 5100
The Shape of the River Bowen and Bok 5101
The Greates Miracle in the World OG Mandino 5102
Growing Up Ethnic in America: Contempary Fiction About Learning to Be An American Edited by Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Jennifer Gillan 5103
Heart River Undertow Herb Lowery 5104
Kawanza An African American Celebration of Culture and Cooking  Eric V. Copage 5105
La Actividad Fisica Y Recreativa En El Mexico Prehispanico Luis Juan Tijerina 5106
Latino Culture: A Dynamic Force in the Changing American Workforce Nilda Chong 5107
Muhammad Ali James Earl Jones 5108
New Perspectives on Racial Identity Development Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe 5109
Returning Indonesia: 1993/1994 Emplowment Guide for Indonesia Graduates of American Universities 5110
Great Speeches by African Americans: Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Barak Obama, and Others Edited by James Daley 5111
Soul of a Citizen Living with Conviction in Challenging Times  Paul Rogat Loeb 5112
The Truth About You: Your Secret Success Marcus Buckingham 5113
When Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went Away: Marriage, Sexuality, and Power in the New Mexico, 1500-1864 Ramon A. Gutierrez 5114
Narrative of Sojourner Truth Dover Thrift Editions 5115




500 Years Later 5001
African American Lives 2 5002
Against the Odds 5003
America Beyond the Color Line 5004
Anne Frank 5005
Birth of A Nation, The 5006
Black List, The 5007
Children's March, The 5008
Claudine 5009
Competing Through Diversity 5010
Conversation on Race, A 5011
Dealing with Conflict & Confrontation 5012
Death of Two Sons 5013
Enhancing Race Relations on Campus 5014
Eyes on the Prize (Vol. 2-4, 6, 8-10, 12) 5015
Friends & Lovers 5016
Ghosts of Rwanda 5017
Great Black Women 5018
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes 5019
Human Communication Today 5020
Insight Media 5021
Knocking 5022
KSU International Student Center 5023
Marriage Counselor, The 5024
My Bondage My Freedom 5025
One Survivor Remembers 5026
Other Side of the River 5027
Place at the Table, A 5028
Power of an Illusion, The 5029
Pressing In and Pressing On 5030
Prince Among Slaves 5031
Psychology of Achievement, The 5032
Reconstruction 2nd Civil War 5033
Sentenced Home 5034
Skin Deep 5035
Sometimes in April 5036
Sounder 5037
Stirfry Seminars Fil Previews 5038
Tale of O, A 5039
Time for Justice, A 5040
Valuing Diversity 3 5041
Voices of Civil Rights 5042
Understanding Our Differences: Mexicans & Americans 5043

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