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Bearcat Football Locker Rooms

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Bearcat Football Locker Rooms

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Since 1908, Northwest football has proudly represented Bearcat Nation, and your support will help ensure this championship-caliber program continues to thrive for generations to come.

The renovation of the Bearcat football locker room includes:

  • Provide 120 new lockers
  • Increased square footage
  • New equipment room
  • Updated showers and restrooms
  • New paint
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Updated Bearcat branding
  • Study space
  • High-quality TV projectors and screens
  • A common meeting space for informal gathering and team building
  • A new entrance and improved sightlines

At Northwest, we pride ourselves on being among the elite programs in college football. An important element for football teams is their locker room facility. More than 75% of our players live off campus, and our locker room space serves as their home away from home during the school day. A modern locker room has become the focal point for our players to gather, bond, interact and develop as a team and as a family. This much-needed locker room project perfectly aligns with our culture and what we want to continue to value as a program.

Rich Wright
Bearcat Football Head Coach

Rich Wright

Why are these updates needed?

  • The square footage of the existing locker room accommodates 115 lockers. A typical football roster includes 140 players. Consequently, many student-athletes are required to share a locker in a cramped and unsuitable space.
  • The current restroom and shower facilities consistently have drains that don’t flow correctly, causing backups and overflows, increasing the need for additional cleaning and maintenance.
  • The lighting in the entire locker room is dull and inefficient.
  • The facility is in need of new HVAC systems to ventilate and control mildew on equipment.
  • As a result of typical wear and tear, the existing lockers are worn, the carpet is threadbare in places and the paint is faded and chipped on unprotected walls.

After 12 years, our football locker room has become outdated and our equipment room needs have changed. They are long past due to receive an upgrade, which will allow our internal facilities to match the external results our Bearcat football program and department achieves year after year.

Andy Peterson
Director of Athletics

Andy Peterson

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