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Faculty and Staff Annual Giving Campaign

What is the TEAM NORTHWEST Campaign?

The TEAM NORTHWEST Faculty and Staff Annual Giving Campaign is an annual event to give all members of the campus community the opportunity to support areas of the University that they care about most. It is designed to raise awareness throughout the campus community about the importance of private support and the feeling of satisfaction that accompanies it.

Why participate in the TEAM NORTHWEST Campaign?

In one word…Students! None of us would be working at the University if it wasn’t for the students. A huge part of the reason that students choose to come to Northwest is because of the work that you all do, collectively. It is quality faculty and staff, financial aid, beautiful campus, and much more that brings students to Northwest.  It is all the things that you, as an employee, provide every day to enrich the lives of our students, each other, the community, and the region. 

Employee participation in the Faculty and Staff Annual Giving Campaign enhances the profile of the University in the eyes of prospective donors and funding foundations. This is particularly important to the success of the upcoming public campaign.

Employees can choose to directly support their passions: students, academics, arts, athletics—the options are almost limitless. Every dollar donated is an investment in Northwest and our students!