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Disclaimers:  The information on this site is based on existing rules and regulations of the Department of Veterans Affairs and should not be construed as being absolute. New rules and regulations are being released by the Department of Veteran Affairs continually and may supersede the information seen here. To view the most current information, visit

Northwest Missouri State University is approved for certification of students eligible to receive educational assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). The School Certifying Official (SCO) will assist you in meeting the requirements of the VA Educational Assistance Program and act as a direct liaison between Northwest Missouri State University and the St. Louis Regional Office regarding payments of benefits. Please visit the Office of Veterans Affairs with questions:

Financial Aid Office
2nd Floor of the Administration Building
Open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
VA Regional Office, 888.442.4551

General Information and Benefit Eligibility

If you are a veteran who served on continuous active duty for 181 days or more after Jan. 13, 1955, you may qualify for educational benefits under the G.I. Bill®. If you are a dependent of a veteran who died or is permanently disabled as a result of military duty, you may be eligible for educational benefits. Eligibility for the various VA Educational Benefits programs in all cases is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Application forms for your VA benefits are available on the VA forms website or in the Financial Aid Office. The amount of money you will receive for education benefits differs for each program, so it is best to call our office, 660.562.1141, or the VA Regional Office, 888.442.4551, with a specific question about pay.

To be eligible for VA Educational Benefits students must be degree-seeking with a declared major. It is possible that courses a student is advised to take by his or her advisor will not meet VA certification requirements. This may include repeated or elective classes. In such cases, the student will be personally responsible for the resulting cost. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that classes meet VA certification requirements if VA payment is desired for these classes. Our School Certifying Official can assist you with questions or concerns you may have.

Veterans Responsibility and Conditions for Benefit Eligibility

In order to comply with laws governing the G.I. Bill®, it is your responsibility as a student to notify the VA official in the Financial Aid Office of your status. You must inform the School Certifying Official when you add or drop a class, change your major, change your address, or withdraw from Northwest. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs will not pay for the repeat of satisfactorily completed courses, except under special circumstances such as it is required for your degree. If you do not make satisfactory academic progress and are suspended by Northwest, your G.I. Bill® benefits cannot be resumed until you have met the requirements for reinstatement. Your benefits may be terminated if you do not comply with the regulations stated above. You may contact Veterans Affairs at 888.442.4551.

Credit for Military Experience

Northwest Missouri State University may award credit hours of physical education for military training. In order to obtain this credit, veterans must submit a copy of their DD-214 Form to the Admissions Office for evaluation in order to receive this credit.

VA Education Benefits Checklist

Please use this chart as a quick reference, or view more detailed program descriptions and forms linked below.

We will need the following to certify you for VA benefits: 

  1. To request certification of Veteran Benefits please complete the Veterans Enrollment Certification Request Form and all other necessary documents (See forms to download).
    New Student Transfer Student
    CH. 30 22-1990 and DD-214
    (Member-4 copy)
    22-1995 and DD-214
    (Member-4 copy)
    CH. 31 VA authorization form 28-1905 VA authorization form 28-1905
    CH.1606/CH.1607 22-1990, DD-214 (Member-4 copy), copy of kicker contract (if applicable), and NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility)
    call-up orders (if applicable)
    22-1995, DD-214 (Member-4 copy), copy of kicker contract (if applicable), and NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility)
    call-up orders (if applicable)
    CH. 33 22-1990, DD-214 (Member-4 copy) and Certificate of Eligibility or Post-9/11 GI Bill® Statement of Benefits 22-1995, DD-214 (Member-4 copy) and Certificate of Eligibility or Post-9/11 GI Bill® Statement of Benefits
    CH. 33/Transfer of Entitlement 22-1990E and Certificate of Eligibility or Post-9/11 GI Bill® Statement of Benefits  22-1995 and Certificate of Eligibility or Post-9/11 GI Bill® Statement of Benefits
    CH.35 22-5490 and Letter of Eligibility (when received) 22-5495 and Letter of Eligibility
  2. Official high school transcript to Admissions Office
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended to Admissions Office
  4. DD-214 to Admissions Office for military credit evaluation
(See forms to download)

Benefit Programs

Montgomery GI Bill® for Reservists- Chapter 1606

An individual who enlisted, re-enlisted, or extended an enlistment in the Selected Reserve or National Guard for a period of 6 years after July 1, 1985, and has completed the initial active duty training is eligible for VA benefits. This program does not require a contribution by the service person. Complete VA form 22-1990 and submit online. You must also submit a copy to the certifying official.

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) - Chapter 1607

This benefit makes certain individuals who were activated after September 11, 2001 either eligible for education benefits or eligible for increased benefits. It is a DoD education benefit program designed to provide educational assistance to members of the Reserve components called or ordered to active duty in response to a war or national emergency (contingency operation) as declared by the President or Congress. Complete VA form 22-1990 and submit online. You must also submit a copy to the certifying official.

Montgomery GI Bill® - Chapter 30

Individuals who entered active duty after July, 1985, and participated in the pay reduction program (pay reduced $100 a month for 12 months) and served honorably for two years or more are eligible. Veterans or service persons cannot withdraw money paid into the fund. Complete VA form 22-1990 and submit online. You must also submit a copy to the certifying official.

Post-9/11 Veterans Education Act of 2008 - Chapter 33

The Post-9/11 GI Bill® is a new benefit providing educational assistance to individuals who have served on active duty on or after September 11, 2001. This program was implemented in August 2009. The program is designed to pay for tuition, fees, books and living expenses and also allows for transfer of entitlement to spouses and children. Please refer to for information pertaining to this program. Information will be updated as available. You may use the Benefit Comparison Chart to compare chapter 33 to chapters 30/1607. Complete VA form 22-1990 and submit online. You must also submit a copy to the certifying official.

Transfer Of Entitlement (TOE) - Chapter 33

The transferability option under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® allows Service members to transfer all or some unused benefits to their spouse or dependent children. The Department of Defense (DoD) determines whether or not you can transfer benefits to your family. Once the DoD approves benefits for transfer, the new beneficiaries apply for them at VA. To find out more, visit the DoD's website or apply now.

GI Bill® for Dependents - Chapter 35

A child or spouse of a service-connected deceased or 100 percent disabled veteran may be eligible for VA educational benefits. Benefits may be used until the dependent has reached the age of 27 or 8 years from the date that eligibility is determined, whichever is later. Complete VA form 22-5490 and submit online. You must also submit a copy to the certifying official.

In-State Tuition Rates

In addition to their eligible benefits, the following individuals shall be awarded a tuition waiver covering all out-of-state tuition charges, resulting in them being charged in-state tuition:

  • A Veteran using educational assistance under either chapter 30 (Montgomery G.I. Bill® - Active Duty Program), chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment), or chapter 33 (Post-9/11 G.I. Bill®), of title 38, United States Code, who lives in Missouri while attending a school located in Missouri (regardless of his/her formal state of residence) and enrolls in the school within three years of discharge from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
  • Anyone using transferred Post-9/11 G.I. Bill® benefits (38 U.S.C. § 3319) who lives in Missouri while attending a school located in Missouri (regardless of his/her formal state of residence) and enrolls in the school within three years of the transferor's discharge or release from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
  • Anyone using transferred Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits (38 U.S.C. § 3319) who lives in Missouri while attending a school located in Missouri (regardless of his/her formal state of residence) and the transferor is a member of the uniformed service who is serving on active duty.
  • Anyone using benefits under the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship (38 U.S.C. § 3311(b)(9)) who lives in Missouri while attending a school located in Missouri (regardless of his/her formal state of residence).
  • Anyone described above while he or she remains continuously enrolled (other than during regularly scheduled breaks between courses, semesters, or terms) at the same school. The person described must have enrolled in the school prior to the expiration of the three year period following discharge or release described above and must be using education benefits under either chapter 30, chapter 31, or chapter 33, of title 38, United States Code.  

Additional Veterans Resources

  • - Apply and manage educational benefits
  • WAVE - Web Automated Verification of Enrollment
  • VA-22-1995 - Request for change of program or place of training
  • VA-22-5495 - Dependent request for change of program or place of training

Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act

The Heroes’ Act limits the tuition and fees (not including the Technology or Student Activity/Support Service fees or lab fees assessed for special classes) charged to combat veterans to fifty dollars ($50.00) per credit hour, for any program leading to a certificate, or an associate degree. A “combat veteran” is any person who served in armed combat after September 11, 2001, who was a Missouri resident when first entering the military, and who was discharged from military service under honorable conditions. To initiate the process, a veteran must complete the Hero Application Form and return it with a copy of his or her DD-214 (discharge papers) to:  

Northwest Missouri State University
Student Financial Assistance Office
800 University Drive
Maryville, MO 64468

The Financial Aid Office will evaluate eligibility for the Heroes’ Act after this form and the DD-214 are received. Eligibility will be determined by using information obtained from the DD-214. Students must register for a program of study that will lead to a Certificate or Bachelor’s Degree. Veterans must maintain a 2.50 cumulative grade point average in order to maintain eligibility for additional semesters. Eligibility expires ten years from the date the veteran was discharged from service.

Federal Tuition Assistance

All eligible Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Military branches can request Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits from their respective military branch portals whose links can be seen listed below.  These portals allow military members to request TA, request Education Counselor support, as well as help managing their individual education records (college courses, testing, on-duty courses, ect.).

Federal TA Rates and Fees

The Department of Defense (DoD) has directed a uniform TA fiscal policy across the military services. The per semester hour cap is up to $250 and the fiscal year ceiling is $4,500. The Army will pay 100 percent of the tuition charged by a school up to the established per semester hour cap and fiscal year ceiling.

Authorized fees covered by TA are mandatory fees that are associated with an individual course enrollment. Non-refundable fees and fees that are not linked to individual course enrollments (e.g., designated fee, textbook fee, technology fee, new student fee, web course fee, application fees, graduation fees) are not covered by TA.

Tuition Assistance Application Procedures for Military Services

State Tuition Assistance

State Tuition Assistance (TA) will only be used after all Federal Tuition Assistance has been exhausted or if the soldier is not eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance.

State TA Rates and Fees

Currently, State TA covers 100% of tuition for students with ten years or less of service; for students with 10 to 17 years of service it covers 50% of tuition. Tuition is paid at the rate of $187.56 per credit hour. The program covers up to 39 credit hours per year (15 credit hours for fall/15 credit hours for spring/9 credit hours for summer). State TA will not cover the textbook usage fee, technology fee, or designated fee.

Requirements for State TA

  1. State TA is available to all Missouri Army and Air National Guard members and pays for tuition only for schools approved for Missouri State Tuition Assistance.
  2. All Army members MUST APPLY for and exhaust their Federal TA before they will be awarded State TA.
  3. Applicants must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50. Failure to maintain the GPA will result in the student being placed on academic probation for the next semester. Should the GPA remain below the 2.50 level, the student will be denied any further State TA until achieving the required grade point average.
  4. State TA may not be used to obtain a degree in theology or divinity.
  5. State TA may only be used to obtain your first undergraduate degree.
  6. Soldiers/Airmen must remain in an active military status for the semester/session for which they are receiving educational assistance. Failure to maintain active status will result in the recoupment of all money awarded for that semester/session.

Requesting State TA Procedures

  1. Applications for State TA with the statement of understanding (SOU) are digital forms and must be filled out by the applicant and submitted to their Commander for signature. The Commander is certifying that the applicant is an active member in good standing.
  2. Complete the State TA Application and Statement of Understanding at the Missouri National Guard website.
  3. In addition to the application and statement of understanding, a copy of the applicant’s itemized bill/course schedule, and unofficial transcript may be emailed or mailed for processing to the following address:

Army National Guard
Office of the Adjutant General
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101-1203

Air Guard
Office of the Adjutant General
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101-1203