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Graduate Student Scholarships

Unless stated otherwise, contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Assistance for applications.

Automatic Renewal Scholarships (No Application Needed)

Bearcat Break

Bearcat Break is an out-of-state graduate tuition adjustment for students from select geographic regions who are degree seeking and enroll at Northwest-Kansas City or the collaborative program at Missouri Southern State University. Graduate students will pay in-state tuition if they take all coursework at the off-campus sites and reside in one of the following counties in Kansas (St. Joseph Area-Doniphan; Kansas City Area-Atchison, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, and Wyandotte; Joplin area-Crawford, Cherokee) or in Oklahoma (Delaware, Craig, and Ottawa). There is no application required for the Bearcat Break. The Bearcat Break does not cover online courses or programs.

Graduate Non-Resident Waiver

Any full-time (6 hrs), degree seeking non-resident or international graduate-level student is eligible for the waiver. Students receiving a graduate assistantship, pursuing a specialist degree or enrolled in an online only program are not eligible to receive the waiver. Students will earn the value of the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition after completing their first (full-time) trimester at Northwest and earning a minimum cumulative Northwest graduate GPA of 3.30. Students must maintain continuous full-time enrollment in order to renew the waiver for the future trimester. If a student does not maintain continuous enrollment they will lose their waiver. This GPA requirement will be evaluated at the end of each trimester.  Students will be evaluated to earn the waiver at the conclusion of the fall, spring, and summer trimesters.  Students will be evaluated to renew or lose the waiver at the conclusion of the fall and summer trimesters.  Students can earn this waiver for a maximum of one-degree program. Students may be enrolled in undergraduate level courses that fulfill prerequisites for their program as long as they are in an approved Graduate Program of Study.

This is an automatic waiver that will be applied to the student's account. There is no application required to be considered for this waiver.

Northwest Foundation Scholarships

To search an up-to-date listing of scholarships funded by the Northwest Foundation and view donor profiles, please click here.

Major-Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by contributions to our Northwest Foundation or by private donors and are specified to designated majors.


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