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Financial Planning Tools

The following links may be helpful to you in preparing for college, as you proceed through your college career, and after you have graduated.  There are a number of tools to assist you in managing your finances both during and after your college experience.

  • CashCourse: A free online money management educational resource which we feel can be beneficial to all students and recent graduates
  • Budget calculator: Allows students to create a monthly budget, reminding them of various expenses including transportation expenses, grocery items, and miscellaneous expenses
  • Checkbook balancing tool: Enables students and families to reconcile their bank statements to their check register each month (without storing their information)
  • Savings calculator: Allows students and families to see how valuable saving can be, estimating future value of an investment
  • Debt/salary wizard:
    • Helps students and parents determine:
      • how much salary is needed to support the payments on current and future student loan debt and
      • how much the student can borrow based on future expected earnings.
    • Estimates standard repayment for student loans