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Applying for Initial Professional Certificate (IPC) for Administration - Missouri

The State of Missouri has an on-line application system. You will be able to access your certificate electronically and print your own certificate. If you would like more detailed information, you may request this at or

You may complete your profile and application by choosing “DESE Web Applications” at the DESE Homepage or at DESE Educator Certification. As you complete your on‑line profile and application, you will take the following steps:

  • Create your Username and Password - If you have previously created your profile, you may "Login." If you have not created your profile, you need to "Register."
  • Enter your Profile by clicking on “Educator Certification System” link under “DESE Web Applications” located under the “User Information” heading.
    • Enter the information requested and "Save Profile."
    • Complete the Contact Information section by selecting "Edit Contact Information" and "Save."
  • Select "Education" in the menu to the left and click "Add"
    • Enter Missouri (state) and Northwest MO State University (institution).
    • If you are completing this prior to your graduation, enter the current date for your date of graduation. The system will not allow you to enter a date in the future. If you are completing this application after you have graduated, you may then enter your graduation date. The date has to match your transcript.
    • Your GPA and transcript status will be completed by Northwest and verified by DESE.
  • Select "New Applications--Administrator--Initial Admin"
    • Select "Administrator" for the Purpose of Application
    • You do not need to send them your Northwest transcript. After the Registrar has conferred your degree and all certification requirements are fulfilled, Northwest will recommend that your certificate be issued to you and will send DESE your Northwest transcript.
  • Conduct and Investigations
    • Answer the conduct questions truthfully.
  • Sign & Submit
    • Read this carefully before electronically signing. This is your "signature." This provides DESE with information and gives them permission to investigate.
    • Once you have submitted your application, it will appear in Northwest's work log on the DESE website.
  • Viewing/Printing Your Missouri Certificate
    • Select "Certificate Status" to the left in the menu.
    • You will receive an email notification when your certificate is issued. When your certificate is issued, you will click to the left of your profile page on the "Certificate Status" link. This link will be where you can view/print your Missouri Certificate.