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Feb 21, 2020 | Winter Newsletter

From Dr. Wall:

The Chairs and Directors group has been working to develop a process for badging. Badging refers to a skill that can be recognized by the university and a department. Badging is distinct from certification or licensure, and the university views badging as a growth opportunity to connect to state trends, student skills, and documentable value added through coursework or experience.

If you seek to offer a badge for a discernable skill set, there is now a protocol (once approved by the Provost). Unfortunately, there is not yet a process to actually disseminate the digital badge, track it, and get it to students through some manner like Portfolium (which we do not have licenses for all 7000 students; only about 1,700 at this time).

A department must first approve (and have support of Chair or School Director) the badge, then solicit input from folks around campus, including but not limited to: Career Services; Admission; Associate Provost/Provost; Chairs and Directors; Center for Teaching and Learning; university marketing; student affairs.

More to come on this.


Mark your Calendars

February 24-28: SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR in the Horace Mann Library; 7:45 am-4:15 pm

February 25: SOE Evaluation narrative due (Submission in SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: EVALUATIONS Canvas Site)

March 4: Student Teachers back on campus: Assist table groups in collecting qualitative data regarding their experiences in the school of education.  The data are used to improve our program, and we need several faculty members to help with the collection.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

March 6: Field trip for 70 teacher candidates (learning about ELL/Sped) to Kansas City Public Schools 

March 20: Deadline for Teaching and Learning Grant

March 20-27: Reggio Emilia, Italy Study Abroad trip 

March 22-24: AAQEP visit

Special Education Update

Special education continues to be very busy working on course redesigned courses and are excited to start the co-taught methods course this spring which includes extensive field experiences, a project-based learning experience that will span the entire semester, and multiple district partnerships, as well as co-planning with the School of Health and Wellness for a one day field experience.  This course is 62-396 Implementing  Techniques and Strategies  of Evaluation, Instruction, and Behavior in Special Education.   We have experts from rural and urban areas presenting and being panelists for us on several occasions.  We are highlight evidence-based practices (EBPs) and high leverage practices (HLPs) as well.

Leet Center and Horace Mann Updates

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Middle/High School Updates

Wednesday, March 4 the student teachers will return to campus.  They will be attending the education expo to speak with possible future employers, and they will work with Dr. Dimmitt on additional Kagan structures to use in their classrooms.  Also we need your help collecting information from our student teachers on what we can do to improve the program.  That part of the agenda is from 1-2:30.  In table groups of 10, the students simply share their stories and suggestions for ways we can help them be better prepared for student teaching.  We need the assistance of 12 faculty members during this time.

Members of the middle school, secondary content areas, and K-12 majors will be headed to Stillwell Middle School in West Des Moines on Fri., March 6 to observe interdisciplinary project/problem based learning classrooms, learn about creating such lessons, and hear from a panel of students about their perceptions of involvement in PBL work.  Starting the second block this semester the students will be developing  intradisciplinary units of instruction in Designing Integrated Curriculum Part I and in the fall they will develop interdisciplinary units of instruction as part of project/problem based learning while enrolled in Designing Integrated Curriculum Part II.

Early Childhood Education Update


A success story from one of the early childhood in home child care providers:

We had an exciting morning today! One of our student teachers brought in sensory bags filled with shaving cream and food coloring. This was fun and exciting as they mixed the colors, but as our interest faded, I quietly suggested she poke a hole in one of the bags, (something that probably made me sound crazy... doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the bags?!) What followed was an hour of joyful, messy, foamy, squishy child-led play! Seeing the kiddos and the student teachers witness and partake in these magical moments is what gives me life! 

Questions? Contact these faculty members.

Accreditation: Joseph Haughey

DESE: Nissa Ingraham

Certification: Kim Hullinger

Program Coordination: David Kiene

Principal/Superintendent Specialist: Kristi Alexander

Special Education: Shantel Farnan

Early Childhood: Sandy Seipel

Elementary: Sue Wood

Leet Center: Cindy Rouner

Horace Mann: Laura King

Literacy: Josie Baugher

Career Closet: Meghan Sheil


Name Phone Email Specialization
Robyn Akins 660.562.1663 akinsr Professional Education
Dr. Kristina Alexander 660.562.1768 kalex Professional Education
Jill Baker 660.562.1359 bakerj Professional Education
Cathy Barr 660.562.1239 cbarr Assistant Coordinator of Field Experience
Dr. Travis Dimmitt 660.562.1721 dimmitt Professional Education
Dr. Shantel Farnan 660.562.1450 sfarnan Professional Education
Dr. William Daniel Gordon 660.562.1235 dgordon Professional Education
Kimberly Hullinger 660.562.1671 kim Education Compliance Specialist/Certification Officer
Dr. Nissa Ingraham 660.562.1776 nissai Professional Education
Dr. David Kiene 660.562.1774 dkiene Professional Education
Tamara Lynn 660.562.1258 tglynn Professional Education
Emily Mattson 660.562.1239 emmatson Office Manager
Dr. Michael McBride 660.562.1089 mam77 Professional Education Unit
Becky Moore 660.562.1270 rebeccam Professional Education
Dr. Gregory Rich 660.562.1772 grich Professional Education
Cindy Rouner 660.562.1542 cindysc Leet Center
Dr. Cynthia Schairer-Kessler 660.562.1838 schairerkessler Professional Education
Dr. Sandra Seipel 660.562.1889 sseipel Professional Education
Dr. Linda Gray Smith 660.562.1518 lsmith Professional Education
Dr. Sara Taylor 660.562.1240 staylor Professional Education
Dr. Timothy Wall 660.562.1179 timwall Professional Education
Dr. Sue Wood 660.562.1232 suewood Professional Education