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Nov 15, 2019 | Fall Newsletter

 From Dr. Wall

 Colleagues, at the Provost Council Rebecca Lobina of the NW Small Business Development Center presented      a new policy related to consulting/receiving payment for Client-Based Trainings. I believe this may incentivize   sharing your wisdom with others and receiving pay for it. There is a detailed process, and I ask that you please read the attached Procedure for Paying Employees for Client-Based Trainings to familiarize yourself with the process in the event you wish to use the NWKC Center for a presentation, training, or consulting for which you may receive money. Let’s visit if you have questions.

Please contact me, and/or Rebecca Lobina, if you have questions, concerns, or feedback about the draft policy.

This procedure is designed for both faculty and staff who may offer their time and expertise specifically for client-based trainings that are designed to generate revenue or are being offered as professional development for those outside of the University.

  1. The Continuing Professional Education Director or the Associate Provost of Academic Operations and Development will ask the next level supervisor for their permission for one of their employees to present at a client-based training.
  2. At that time, the next level supervisor will determine if the engagement is considered outside the scope of their employee’s regular responsibilities and that it is acceptable for the faculty or staff to speak outside of the parameters as an employee of the University.
  3. The Continuing Professional Education Director commences a market study to determine the market rate for a speaking engagement in the field of expertise required for the training. Factors such as, but not limited to, level of expertise, speaking experience, preparation time, travel, length of expected presentation, and competitor’s rates will be used to determine an appropriate market rate (fee) for the employee. The fee will be paid in one lump sum following the completion of the engagement.
  4. The fee is presented to the employee for acceptance or denial, and will be the exclusive choice of the employee to accept or refuse the opportunity and the fee.
  5. If the employee elects to accept the proposed market rate for the Client-Based Training opportunity, the Continuing Professional Education Director will prepare a Personnel Action Form (PAF) indicating the additional duties, the date of the event, the fee that will be paid, and the FOP from which the fee will be paid. See sample PAF below.


Elementary Education Update

Edits for summer and fall are due in January. My goal is to share your proposed schedule with you before it hits CatPaws!

Ed Lead Meeting-December 3

Professors in the Ed Lead Program will be meeting on December 3rd at 3:00pm to go over the new treatments from the Missouri Leadership Development System – to embed them in the program.

We will also be going over the new certification rule for K-12 administration.

Middle/High School Updates

  1. Secondary Collaboration Day at Independence School District will be Thurs., Nov. 21.  Secondary, middle school, K-12, and special education majors will be team teaching students at Bingham Middle School and Truman High School.  The lesson will be multidisciplinary based on standards and objectives provided by the ISD teachers.  The experience is a collaboration between Mrs. Lynn, Dr. Dimmitt, Dr. Kiene, Mrs. Thompson, and Dr. Smith for the students in their courses.
  2. You are invited!  Mark your calendar for Mon., Dec. 2 from 3-5 to attend the Presentations on Developing and Teaching a Multidisciplinary Lesson.  Join us in Room 239 and/or room 241.  Feel free to drop in as you have time.  Our students are glad to show you their work and answer your questions.
  3. Student teachers were back on campus on Nov. 8 to attend the seminar.  They practiced more Kagan Structures with Dr. Dimmitt, shared thoughts on getting along with “cranky” colleagues, and provided feedback on ways to improve their student teaching experience.  Many also visited with Kim Hullinger regarding certification and Mike McBride about TK20 assignments.  Thank you to Sue Wood, Jenni Wall, Tim Wall, Travis Dimmitt, Mike McBride, and Joseph Haughey for the assistance collecting the information we use to improve the student teaching experience.

 seminar                   sem 1

Leet Center & Horace Mann Updates

Bellisimo Wonder Park at the Phyllis and Richard Leet Center for Children and Families

Receives National Recognition as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom

The Bellisimo Wonder park, located at the Phyllis and Richard Leet Center for Children and Families at 800 University Drive in Maryville, Missouri has earned national recognition as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom from the Nature Explore program, which is a division of nonprofit Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.

This certification confers on the Leet Center for Children and Families a number of benefits, including membership in an ever-expanding network of more than 490 like-minded spaces nationwide. Certified Nature Explore Classrooms foster highly effective, nature-based outdoor learning. 

“The Leet Center’s commitment to providing research-based and nature-rich learning offers a wonderful example to programs and educators throughout the country.” said Heather Fox, director of communications and outreach for the Nature Explore program. “These spaces inspire hands-on activity, creativity, play and plenty of time exploring the natural world.”




Doctorate Program Update

The doctoral program is happy to announce that we are moving into our recruitment phase; the cohort 13 application deadline is OCTOBER 15 (not our traditional December 1), 2020. 

Please let everyone know about our collaborative doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis that we co-teach with MU, SEMO, Missouri State, and University of Central Missouri. 

It is a two year program that will include two, 3-week summer sessions (the first in July of 2021 and the second in July of 2022).  Additionally, there will be two fall and spring sessions prior to the students moving into comprehensive finals, then culminating in the dissertation. 

Let Nissa or Tim know of anyone who may be interested in more information!

Early Childhood Update

Reggio Emilia Study Abroad will take place March 20-27, 2020 with 11 students; one instructor-Lori Atkins, HM Art Instructor; Samantha Wray, EC Community Partner;and Mrs. Moore and Dr. Seipel for a total of 15 participants.

Questions? Contact these faculty members.

Accreditation: Joseph Haughey

DESE: Nissa Ingraham

Program Coordination: David Kiene

Principal/Superintendent Specialist: Kristi Alexander

Special Education: Shantel Farnan

Early Childhood: Sandy Seipel

Elementary: Sue Wood

Leet Center: Cindy Rouner

Horace Mann: Laura King

Literacy: Josie Baugher

Career Closet: Meghan Sheil


Name Phone Email Specialization
Robyn Akins 660.562.1663 akinsr Professional Education
Dr. Kristina Alexander 660.562.1768 kalex Professional Education
Jill Baker 660.562.1359 bakerj Professional Education
Cathy Barr 660.562.1239 cbarr Assistant Coordinator of Field Experience
Dr. Johannah Baugher 660.562.1779 jbaugher Professional Education
Dr. Travis Dimmitt - dimmitt Professional Education
Dr. Shantel Farnan 660.562.1450 sfarnan Professional Education
Dr. William Daniel Gordon 660.562.1235 dgordon Professional Education
Kimberly Hullinger 660.562.1671 kim Education Compliance Specialist/Certification Officer
Dr. Nissa Ingraham 660.562.1776 nissai Professional Education
Dr. David Kiene 660.562.1774 dkiene Professional Education
Tamara Lynn 660.562.1258 tglynn Professional Education
Emily Mattson 660.562.1239 emmatson Office Manager
Dr. Michael McBride 660.562.1089 mam77 Professional Education Unit
Becky Moore 660.562.1270 rebeccam Professional Education
Dr. Gregory Rich 660.562.1772 grich Professional Education
Cindy Rouner 660.562.1542 cindysc Leet Center
Dr. Cynthia Schairer-Kessler 660.562.1838 schairerkessler Professional Education
Dr. Sandra Seipel 660.562.1889 sseipel Professional Education
Dr. Linda Gray Smith 660.562.1518 lsmith Professional Education
Dr. Sara Taylor 660.562.1240 staylor Professional Education
Dr. Timothy Wall 660.562.1179 timwall Professional Education
Dr. Sue Wood 660.562.1232 suewood Professional Education