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Innovation Exhibition

The .EDU Conference offers to its attendees a unique keynote session titled Innovation Exhibition.  This session provides a time for institutions and schools to share innovative learning and teaching tools, techniques, and technologies.  During the lunch session and the Exhibitor hour following lunch, there will be time for attendees to observe innovative exhibitions provided by various institutions and schools. This will be more of an interactive opportunity for the attendees rather than providing the typical “sit and get” keynote presentation.

 If you are interested in sharing during the Innovative Exhibition, please sign up for the Innovation Exhibition by July 31, 2019, at 5:00 PM.

Below are the innovative exhibitions from last year:

  • OneButton Studio Rob Gibson
    We've blended Penn State's One Button Studio with a lightboard to form the One Button Lightboard Studio. Students can self manage their own studio recordings using a lightboard. And because we reverse the image in the camera, no post production is required to flip the handwriting. We've also created a small version of the studio using a mobile lightboard.

  • Silent Call Button Andy Hall
    Platte County Schools needed a solution for staff that would allow staff to request help quickly and quietly, so we developed a small "call button" like a bank teller alarm, only instead of contacting emergency services, sends texts and emails to administrators and co-workers in the building, via the existing wireless network.

  • Crop Sensor Segway Kevin Royal
    Large farm equipment can be difficult to schedule. Weather can affect demonstrations planned through the trimester, and you can easily ‘…throw away your shot’ since you only get one chance in the fall to collect georeferenced yield data as crops are harvested. This sparked the idea to create a smaller scale version for teaching.

  • Geography Augmented Reality Sandbox Brett Chloupek
    Looking for a better way to teach landform interpretation led to the creation of the Geography Augmented Reality Sandbox. This sandbox gives students a 3D look at topographical maps, a hands-on look at how land formations are depicted on maps, and even allows students to see how different formations are affected by precipitation.

  • Attendance Tracking Kiosks, Web Service, and Canvas LTI Northwest Professional Learning Studio
    The Northwest Attendance Tracking System provides for faculty to collect attendance in the classroom via wall mounted kiosks, and the attendance is pushed to and managed through a Canvas LTI.

  • Canvas Admin Dashboard LTI Northwest Professional Learning Studio
    In an effort to assist Canvas Admins with the system imports, we developed a dashboard that provides important information to those Canvas admins in a clear and concise screen.

  • Advisor Admin Dashboard LTI Northwest Professional Learning Studio
    The Advisor Admin Dashboard was built to assist advisors in the proactive identification of possibly at-risk students using the data that is available in Canvas.

  • Photo Roster LTI Northwest Professional Learning Studio
    The photo roster application allows faculty to view the profile pictures of the students enrolled in their class in a larger format. It also allows for printing of those in an organized PDF.

  • Cite LiteBoard Northwest Missouri State University
    The Cite LiteBoard is similar to a whiteboard used in a classroom but is designed to be used in an online environment.