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The Northwest Missouri State University Diversity and Inclusion (DI) team welcomes others to share their expertise in areas that connect and strengthen the central mission of the DI. In addition to assisting in facilitating training, curriculum revisions, lectures and presentations, DI Affiliates are encouraged to share research that develops new or builds upon existing concepts, theories and approaches to the study of the evolving experiences and contributions of underrepresented others.

DI's Central Mission is to prepare students, faculty and staff to critically understand, conduct research, facilitate training and aid others in the respectful interpretation of the complex histories, experiences, cultures and policies confronting marginalized populations.

Please complete the following DI Affiliate Application:

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If approved as a DI Affiliate, I agree to the following (please check):
Adhere to the DI Central Mission;
All presentations, training, lectures and curricula contributions are registered with the VP of DI prior to activities connected to DI;
Submit an overview, rationale or agenda of the proposed activity beforehand;
All connected activities uphold positive representation of this University's mission;
Have participants complete an evaluation report (provided by DI); completed evaluations must be submitted to DI immediately following activity.

Overview of Presentation and Rationale:
Include intended audience and projected date of presentation.