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Test-out Information

If you have a deficiency listed as 44-460 Database Systems it is possible to take a test-out to remove those deficiencies.

Test-outs will be given either before the first day of class or sometime during the first couple of days of class. Each test-out will only be given once during the semester. If you cannot take the test-out at the scheduled time, you will not be able to test-out. As soon as test-out times are scheduled, I will post them here.

To prepare for the test-outs:

  1. Download Zip File and study the PowerPoint slides and other materials included in this zip file.
  2. You will need the textbook to accompany these materials: Modern Database Management (Sixth Edition) by Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Mary B. Prescott, and Fred R. McFadden. Note that we will be using the 7th edition of this text in the spring, but the materials in the zip file refer to pages in the 6th edition.