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2017-18 Projects

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet and Green Computing (Raja Srikar Karthik Chinta, Ashok Atkuri)

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Mobile Usability Testing: Gathering Evidence for Designing User Interfaces for Emergency Disaster Management Systems (Harish Bondalapati)


Though the innovations of technology have increased, human life is still vulnerable to hazards. One such example is natural disasters. Mobile apps and their user interfaces play an important role in rescuing people during those situations. The goal of this paper is to explore the design issues of disaster management systems using mobile usability testing. We followed a systematic approach of conducting usability testing on mobile devices using usability measures (speed of performance, the rate of errors, time to learn, and subjective satisfaction). Our findings show that high speed of performance and a low rate of errors are important in designing the mobile interfaces. We also provide the general guidelines for developing mobile user interfaces using the appropriate GUI components to overcome the design issues.