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Firewall Port Requests

Firewall Port Requests

Northwest wants to give campus technology users an on-campus experience that accommodates academic, professional and network entertainment activities such as the use of gaming consoles and popular activities that require certain network ports to be open. Some restrictions apply and registration of gaming consoles like Xbox One are required.

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Note: FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a port opened to be on the internet?

No!  In fact, you should not need to request that a port be opened for most online activities including game playing. If a port cannot be accessed, typically it is due to security reasons.

If you have a legitimate academic need for a port to be opened that is not accessible to you, contact the Northwest Technology Service Center for help.  The request will then be submitted to the Northwest Network Security team for review and approval.

 What are the criteria looked at when granting a port request?

Information Technology, whenever reasonably possible, works with students, faculty and staff who need a specific network port open for educational computing purposes.  

Requests are granted depending on:

  • Network stability factors
  • Security risks

Any Questions?

  • See our technology how-to-guides
    • OR
  • Contact the Northwest Technology Service Call Center for any questions about your Northwest-issued laptop.



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