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Northwest Missouri State University

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Northwest Missouri State University provides email services to faculty, staff and students, as well as, misc. organizational and departmental accounts.

Faculty, staff and students can use the pre-loaded Microsoft Outlook software. which provides calendar and note-taking features, on their campus-issued notebook computers to manage their campus email and Northwest's Information Technology department encourages faculty, staff and students to use Outlook.  

Note:  You can not change your Northwest email password within email. Please click on the Reset Password graphic (SSP Web Portal) to reset your password using the SSP Management web page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Northwest's Information Technology (IT) department provides basic FAQS and Self-Help guides about your Northwest Email.  See the green tabs above for those FAQs and self-help guides. 

Need More Help?

If you have reviewed the FAQs related to your role at Northwest (see green tabs above) and Self-Help and do not see what you need or still have further questions or need assistance, please contact the Northwest Technology Service Center at 660.562.1634.  You can also email the Northwest Technology Service Center at  Email is not recommended where timeliness is a factor.

Northwest Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Northwest Missouri State University facutly, staff and students have email and personal file storage through Microsoft's cloud services.  In Office 365, Northwest faculty, staff and students have at least 10 gig of email storage.  Northwest faculty, staff and students also have at least 7gig file storage in their Microsoft OneDrive (personal file storage) cloud account, which is accessed through your Northwest email. 

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding NorthwestEmail.  If you have a question not listed below, please see the Self-Help guides (green tab above) or call the Northwest Technology Service Center at 660.562.1634 for assistance.  You can also email the Northwest Technology Service Center at  Email is not recommended where timeliness is a factor.

How do I login to Northwest Email?

Northwest Email can be accessed online ( or click on the Northwest Email Login graphic to the right-hand side of the screen.

You can also set-up and use Microsoft Outlook on your campus-issued laptop computer rather than going out to the web.  Outlook is available on all campus-issued laptops and you are encouraged to use this software.  

You will login to your Northwest email with your Northwest Network Account username and password.  Off-campus you may need to use your full Northwest email address for the username. 

How do I set up Microsoft Outlook on my campus-issued laptop?

If you set-up your email on Outlook, please do so the first time on campus (if at all possible) for ease of set-up.  Once set-up, you can use Outlook to receive your Northwest email on your campus-issued laptop without having to use a web browser and going out on the internet.  However, you will need a live wired or wireless connection to receive email through Outlook just as you would to get onto the internet.

  • Click Start 
  • Click on Outlook 2016
    • You can also type Outlook 2016 in the Search text box to locate
  • If this is the first time you are logging into Outlook a Wizard will launch.
  • If on-campus for setup and you are logged into the campus-issued laptop as yourself, you should not have to fill out any information, you will simply click the Next options and then Finish at the end.  Outlook will do all the work for you!
  • If you get into any difficulty during set-up, contact the Northwest Technology Service Center at 660-562-1634 for help!

To setup Outlook to work successfully with your Student Email on a non-univeristy provided computer, please the Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 help page

How do I change my Northwest Email password?

You cannot change your Northwest Email password through Office 365. Please see the Managing Your Northwest Network Account Information To change your Northwest Network Account password, please see the Managing Your Northwest Network Account Information or click on the Reset Password graphic to the right-hand side of the screen.

How do I set-up my Northwest Email on my Smartphone?

Accessing your email settings on smart phones can vary depending on the operating system (OS) and phone model, so please view your phone’s instruction manual or its manufacturer’s web site instructions before attempting to set up your email on your smart phone. Here is one example of where to find the Exchange (ActiveSync) account on an iPhone (also applicable for iPad and iPod touch):

  • Select Settings
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select Add Account
  • Select Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your Northwest Network Account and server information in the displayed fields, typically these fields are: Email, Server (, Username, Password and Domain (optional)
  • Your iOS device will now try to locate your Exchange Server.
  • Choose which content you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Select Save when finished and your Northwest email should be set up on your smart phone

Here is another example with an Android smartphone (with built-in Android app):

  • Select Settings
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Add account
  • Select Email
  • Select Accounts
  • Type your Northwest Network Account email address and password where indicated
    • Example of Northwest email address for a student:
    • Typically you will not be asked for the server name.  However, if you are asked type in
  • Select Next
  • Select the Exchange option
    • You may receive a message about additional security features such as a Remote Secuity Adminsitration pop-up
  • Select OK to continue
  • Once the device verifies the server settings, the Account Options page will open.
    • Accept the defaults or select the options for how you want to receive and send your email
  • Select Next
    • You may need to scroll down to see Next
  • On the Set-up email page you can change the name of your account if you want
  • Select Done when finished

If the above examples do not help you set-up email on your smartphone successfully, go out to Google and research to see how to set-up your particular phone or stop by the Technology Support Assistant (TSA) Desk on the first floor of Owens Library for hands-on, in-person assistance.

Do I have personal file storage through my Northwest Email?

Yes, you do have personal file storage, which you can access by logging into your Northwest Email.  File storage is typically at least 7 gigabytes or more (depends on what Microsoft allocates).  To access OneDrive, do the following:

  • Log into your Northwest Email account with your Northwest Network Account username and password
    • Off-campus you may have to type your full email address to get logged in to your email
  • Select the app icon
    • The app icon is typically located in the top, left-hand corner of the screen

One Drive app among Office 365 apps

  • A drop-down menu will appear with a list of available apps
  • Click on the OneDrive icon
    • The first time you click on OneDrive you may be asked to fill out information to be able to store your files

How can I email someone at Northwest if I don't know their email address?

The university's "global address list" is available within Northwest Email accounts so that faculty, staff and students may look up and email other Northwest students, faculty and staff without having to know the person's full email address. 

Once you start a new email message in Office 365, you can simply click on the To: and Northwest's entire, scrollable "global address list" will appear.  You can also type a name (if you know the person's full name) in the To: textbox of your new mail message and click the Check Names icon.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Northwest Email Account?

If you have questions, please contact the Northwest Technology Service Center at 660.562.1634 or email the Northwest Technology Service Center at  Email is not recommended where timeliness is a factor. 

The following self-help materials are provided to assist you with basic tasks within Outlook and Student Email.  If you cannot find the email task that you wish to accomplish among the materials below, please contact the Information Technology department's Northwest Technology Servicen Center at 660.562.1634 for assistance.  

You can also email the Northwest Technology Service Center with your questions or suggestions  at  Email is not recommended where timeliness is an issue.

Manage and Organize Your Email, Calendar and Contacts in Outlook

Search in Outlook

Import & Export Solutions in Outlook

Clean-up Outlook Inbox

Data Files

Archive Your Outlook Information

Rules in Outlook

Outlook Quick Reference Guides 

The following 2016 & 2013 Microsoft Office Quick Reference guides ( are created by Custom Guide, Inc. ( and are used by Information Technology with the permission of Custom Guide, Inc.

According to Custom Guide, the following printable quick references are yours to use, distribute, and share at Northwest Missouri State University for educational, not-for-profit purposes. Custom Guide materials may not be used, copied or distributed for commercial purposes. Custom Guide materials must also always be properly attributed to Custom Guide Inc. as the copyright holder.

Note: Custom Guide, Inc. provides a wide array of Microsoft Office and Windows training services and materials, including online training. If interested in other Custom Guide training, please see their web site at:

Outlook 2013 "Step-by-Step" Guides

Northwest Email (Office 365) "Step-by-Step" Guides

Outlook 2010 "Step-by-Step" Guides