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Gaming Consoles on Campus

Gaming Consoles on Campus

Northwest wants to give campus technology users an on-campus experience that accommodates academic, professional and network entertainment activities such as the use of gaming consoles like Xbox One.  Some restrictions may apply.

Note:  FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto the wired network with my gaming console?

You can get onto Northwest's wired network with an Ethernet cable via an Ethernet port.  

  • Ethernet ports are located in every residence hall room and faculty or staff office.
    • Available also in academic and public buildings such as the Station, Student Union and B.D. Owens Library.
  • You will need to purchase an Ethernet cable to work with your gaming console and the Ethernet port in your residence hall room.

Do I need to register my gaming console?

No!  You do not have to register your gaming console system with the Information Technology (IT) department before being able to use Northwest's wired or wireless networks for network game playing.  

Personal laptop and desktop computers that you play games on do not have to be registered either.

What if my gaming console causes a problem on the campus wired or wireless networks?

If there is ever a problem found related to your gaming console system being on the Northwest wired or wireless networks, your network connectivity could be shut down without notice.

Does the wireless or wired network work better for my gaming device?

For connectivity and best experience, the wired network is recommended for gaming consoles.


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