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Dr. Ellie (Fan) Yang



239 Wells Hall



Personal Website

Joined Northwest in 2022

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. in Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MPhil in Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • B.A. in Communication, Fudan University

Courses Taught

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Introduction to Web Publishing
  • Introduction to Advertising

Academic Interests

Ellie Yang’s scholarship focuses on optimizing media technology and message effects for strategic health communication, using e-health, m-health, and social media support to improve well-being. By applying conventional and computational approaches, she observes digital communication patterns of the target audience to provide insight into strategy making for behavior change. She also specializes in media analytics.

Scholarly Activity

  • 10. Yang, E. F, Shah, D. V., Tahk, A., Cody, O., Dietz, S., Pe-Romashko, K., Bailey, E., Gicquelais, R., Hwang, J., Gustafson, D., & Westergaard, R. (in press). mHealth and social mediation: Mobile support among stigmatized people living with HIV and substance use disorders. New Media & Society.
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  • 8. Rao, J., Chen, K., Yang, E. F., Kruse, J., Hudson, K., & Gao, S. (2021). A multi-perspective narrative-based geovisualization dashboard for the 2020 US presidential election. Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis5(2), 1-15.
  • 7. Gustafson, D. H., Kornfield, R., Mares, M. L., Johnston, D. C., Cody, O. J., Yang, E. F., ... & Shah, D. V. (2021). Effect of an eHealth intervention on older adults’ quality of life and health-related outcomes: a randomized clinical trial. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-10.
  • 6. Yang, E. F., Shah, D. V., Burnside, E. S., Little, T. A., Garino, N., & Campbell, C. E. (2020). Framing the clinical encounter: Shared decision-making, mammography screening, and decision satisfaction. Journal of Health Communication25, 681-691.
  • 5. Du, Y. R., Zhu, L., & Yang, E. F. (2018). A movement of varying faces: How “Occupy Central” was framed in the news in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, the UK, and the US. International Journal of Communication12, 2556-2577.
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  • 2. Yang, E. F. (2015). The persuasion effect of vivid message: a psychological perspective in communication studies. Journalism Bimonthly4, 7-11. (In Chinese)
  • 1. Yang, E. F. & Guo, S. (2015). The moderating effect of imagery ability on perceived vividness: The case of HPV vaccine advertising in China. Chinese Journal of Communication(2), 177 -195.

Other Professional Experience

Prior to pursuing the Ph.D. program, Ellie Yang worked as an online video editor in a media agency in Hong Kong.