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Northwest Missouri State University


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Beginning the Process

  • What subjects do you have a passion for?
  • What topics challenge you?
  • What class projects do you look forward to?
  • What types of ideas inspire you?
  • What tasks speak to your interests & abilities?
  • What kind of work would you be proud to do?

Your Thoughts & Feelings

  • What are some of your feelings associated with choosing a major?
  • What are some of your thoughts about choosing a major?
  • Where do these thoughts and feelings stem from?
  • How can you learn to trust your own voice?

Identifying Your Interests

  • What activities are you drawn to?
  • What would you do with extra free time?
  • What do you like to learn about?
  • When people ask you what you’re interested in, what do you say?

Exploring Your Values

  • What does “valuing your work” mean to you?
  • How do you hope to feel about your major and career?
  • What classes have felt most worthwhile so far?
  • What key values do you hope to have in the workplace?

Acknowledging Your Abilities

  • What were your best subjects in high school? 
  • What are your best subjects now? 
  • What talents have you used in past jobs? 
  • What skills do you bring to your activities? 
  • What abilities help you do a good job with community service projects?

Taking Action

  • Take a look at the Discover Your True Fit PowerPoint PowerPoint
  • Complete the Getting In Tune With Your Ideal Self Worksheet PowerPoint
  • Complete the Your Interest & Abilities Worksheet PowerPoint

The Basics
  • Discover your personality type and careers that fit your natural strengths.  TypeFocus, can bring it all together in a program designed to help you make good career choices. To access, look for this logo. Additional workshops, individual appointments, and other career testing materials may also help you with this process. Contact Career Services for any additional help or questions.
  • Explore more information on your personality code from TypeFocus using the Personality Playbook website.
  • Explore majors through your academic catalog, education coursework, and by networking with students/peer advisors/faculty, or attend Exploring Majors and Minors held in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Learn about occupations – find out what skills and academic backgrounds are necessary for your success.   Visit Career Services for reliable career information.
  • Research how people you know have applied their college education.
  • Complete your profile in Hire a Bearcat.
  • Think about how you would like your resume to look by the time you graduate; what types of skills and experiences do you want to obtain over the next 4 years?

Get Ahead

  • Organize and discipline yourself to do well academically.
  • Get involved on campus in groups and organizations which have teamwork and leadership opportunities.
  • Visit the Career Services website to become familiar with resources, events and services.
  • Gain work experience through student employment, part-time/summer job, or an internship.

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