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Northwest Missouri State University


Are you hirable? Would you hire you?

Check this out for the tools you need to get hired and stay employed

The passport series is a professional and career based training tool that helps students develop much needed knowledge of professional etiquette and protocol. This series will also aid in strengthening leadership skills and motivating them to become the best possible candidate for any career or position.  This series is also beneficial for faculty and staff as refreshers for the workplace as well as helping students get ready for life after graduation.

You’re at school to get a job!

The idea of attending a university is to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to ultimately attain a career after graduation.  This series is not different from the classes that students register for and attend during the semester. 

Passport give students

  • A look into what will be expected of them in a professional setting

  • Sharpened leadership and communication skills

  • Appreciation for workplace culture  and how to work and think professionally

  • Feedback and guidance from faculty about what they should improve on and enforce in their own professional life

Passport gives supervisors

  • Premade orientation and staff development for their students.

  • Modules and activities to give students hands on experience and assessments.

  • Ability to monitor student improvements and professional growth

Its all for you!

The passport series is a free resource to both students and faculty.

Note: Faculty may use this series as a class aid or area of study.


Watch and Learn

The series is designed to be easy to use for anyone.

    • Choose a module, you can go in order or go directly to one that interests you the most.

    • Watch the short introduction film

    • Click on the “Check your success link”. There you will find more information as well as a series of activities that will help you go further into detail about the selected topic.

    • Activities are tailored to students of any experience level

The modules have been developed with flexibility in mind, meaning they can be finished over a short or prolonged window of time. Work at your own pace, getting the information and improving skills are what the primary focus of this series is.