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General Information

  • In addition to musical activities, Summer Music Camp students will participate in recreational activities in the evenings. Some popular activities include movies, camp parties, ice cream socials, and others.  All activities are supervised by Music Camp staff.

  • Each band student is expected to have his or her own instrument and bring a folding metal music stand. A limited number of musical instruments such as concert percussion equipment and guitars will be available from the Department of Music.  Students will also need to provide all necessary accessories for their instrument including oils, reeds, sticks & mallets, neck straps, etc.

  • You may cancel your application for Summer Music Camp two weeks prior to the first day of camp and receive a refund of camp costs less a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee, which is included in the full cost of the camp. No money will be refunded for any reason after the two-week deadline. Students arriving late for camp or leaving early are not eligible for refunds. The Camp Membership is not transferable to anyone else.

  • Camp students, except day campers, will be housed in air-conditioned Northwest dormitories and will eat all meals on campus. Campers must bring their own sheets, towels, and pillow from home. Camp students will be housed two per room. You may wish to find a roommate who is also attending camp. Housing for Friday night, at the end of camp, is not provided. Meals begin with dinner on Sunday and end with lunch on Friday (15 meals). While staying in the Northwest dormitories, all camp students will be under the supervision of the Music Camp Staff. Staff counselors will live in the dormitories with the campers and monitor all aspects of camp life.

  • In the event of an illness or injury to a student at camp, a staff member will promptly escort that student to the Summer Music Camp office to determine the severity of the illness or injury. In the unlikely event that a student would need to see a physician or visit a hospital, immediate transportation and an escort will be provided. Parents will be notified accordingly. Costs resulting from a doctor visit, prescription medication, x-rays, lab work or hospital treatments are the responsibility of the parent.

  • After your application has been received and accepted, we will forward additional material to you. This will include when and where to come, what to bring, a medical history/permission for treatment form, a map, a sample schedule, and all the other information needed to plan your stay at Northwest.