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Terry Coalter

Terry Coalter



2650 Colden Hall



Joined Northwest in 2000



  • Ph.D. Management; University of Texas at Arlington
  • J.D. Law; University of Arkansas School of Law
  • M.B.A. Management; Oklahoma City University
  • B.A. Psychology; Hendrix College

Courses Taught

  • 54-413 Business and Society
  • 54-417 Organizational Policy and Decision Making
  • 54-616 Organizational Behavior in Administration
  • 54-620 Advanced Human Resource Management

Academic Interests

  • Organizational Justice
  • Social Issues in Management
  • The Future of Management and How to Teach It

Scholarly Activity

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Harrison, D. A., McLaughlin, M. A. & Coalter, T. M. (1996). Context, cognition, and common method variance: Psychometric and verbal protocol evidence. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 68(3), 246–261.
  • Walters, B. A., Coalter, T. M. & Rasheed, A. (1997). Business policy as a capstone course: Individual factors, strategy processes and performance in a business game. Journal of Education for Business, January/February, 170–174.
  • Priem, R., Worrell, D., Walters, B. A. & Coalter, T. M. (1998). Moral judgement and values in a developed and a developing Nation: A comparative analysis. Journal of Business Ethics, 17(5), 491–501.
  • Price, K. H., Hunton, J. E., Hall, T. W., Coalter, T. M. & Clinton, B. D. (1998). Reactions to majority voting procedures and amelioration voting minority member responses. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 24(2), 214–223.
  • Coalter, T. M., Hunton, J. E. & Price, K. H. (1999). Collective user participation in specifying requirements of an information system: Minimizing differences between minority and majority voting subgroups. Journal of Information Systems, 13(1), 31–48.
  • Coalter, T. (2005). Making e-learning work: Exploring business strategies for online education." The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 1(1), 31–36.
  • Lim, C. L. and Coalter, T. (2006). Academic Integrity: An Instructor's Obligation. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 17(2), 155–159.
  • Coalter, T., Lim, Chi Lo, & Wanorie, T. (2007). Factors that influence faculty actions: A study on faculty responses to academic dishonesty. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 1(1), 1–18.
  • Asefa, S., Coalter, T. & Lim, C. L. (2007) Academic misconduct: A question of accountability. The Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 3(2), 33–39.
  • Coalter, T. Asefa, S., & Lim, C. L. (2007). Factors that influence faculty decisions regarding academic dishonesty: A study of a private liberal arts university. The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 3(2), 43–54.
  • Olson, A. & Coalter, T. (October/November 2011). The United States and China: Management differences in the private teaching studio. Music Teacher: The Official Journal of Music Teachers National Association, 61(2), 25–30.

Refereed Proceedings and Presentations at National/Regional Conferences

  • Harrison, D. A., McLaughlin, M. A. & Coalter, T. M. “Do Context Effects Really Matter? Psychometric & Cognitive Evidence in Organizational Justice Perceptions.” Academy of Management Proceedings, 1995. Best Paper Award in Research Methods Division.
  • Priem, R., Worrell, D., Walters, B. A. & Coalter, T. M. “Moral Judgement and Values in a Developed and a Developing Nation: A Comparative Analysis.” Academy of Management Proceedings, 1995.
  • Walters, B.A. & Coalter, T. M. “Business Policy as a Capstone Course: Individual Factors, Strategy Processes and Performance in a Business Game.” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, 1995.
  • Whittington, J. L., Coalter, T. M. & Wofford, J. C. “Implicit Leadership Theory and Individual Differences: Potential Threats to the Transformational Leadership Paradigm.” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, 1996.
  • Price, K. H., Coalter, T. M. & Hunton, J. E. “Testing Referent Cognition Theory in Collective Decision Making.” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, 1996.
  • Price, K. H., Coalter, T. M., & Hunton, J. E. “When Majority Voting Is Not Enough: A Test of Referent Cognition Theory.” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 1998.
  • Wofford, J., Lovett, S. Whittington, J. L., and Coalter T. M. “Implicit Leadership Theory and Culture: The Case of Mexico and the U.S.” Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, 1999.
  • Coalter, T. “Dateline 2010: McCollege Graduates Billions and Billions: The Impending Collapse of Your Online Educational Program, and What You Can Do About It Now.” Southern Educational Technology Conference, Fayetteville, AR, January 8 and 9, 2004.
  • Lim, C. L. & Coalter, T. “Student Teams: Do We Have Any Idea What We're Doing?” Business and Leadership Symposium. Hays, Kansas, September 28 and 29, 2005.
  • Coalter, T & Olson, A. “Research Challenges in the Age of Globalization: Conducting Cross-Disciplinary, Cross-Cultural Research Projects.” 2009 Proceedings of the Southwest Academy of Management, Oklahoma City, February 24 - 28, 2009.

Other Professional Experience

  • Regional Business Review, Editor, 2010–present
  • Attorney, 1988–1993
  • Small Business Owner(manufacturing)/Business Consultant, 1976–1993