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Students come first at Northwest. It's just that simple.

No child who wants to go to college and who is willing to work hard should be prevented by financial need. However, for Northwest to remain competitive, providing meaningful scholarship support is essential for attracting quality students.

Business ClassOver 30% of Northwest's students are first-generation college students. Many provide a majority of their own educational costs. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, today's high school students know scholarships may be the determining factor if a college education is in their future.

Northwest recently has restructured its existing scholarships to be more competitive, strategic and attractive to potential students. Such efforts include enhancing opportunities for out-of-state students and implementing need-based awards such as the Adopt-a-Bearcat Scholarship and American Dream Grant.

A variety of options are available for creating a permanent source of scholarship assistance for Northwest students. By establishing or supporting a scholarship, a donor can:

  • Leave a personal legacy, or that of a loved one, at a University that made an impact on his or her life
  • Invest in future generations of Bearcats
  • Assist students with extreme financial need
  • Reward continuing students pursuing a specified academic field of study
  • Directly assist with Northwest's recruitment and retention efforts
  • Help create long-term financial stability for Northwest

Support a scholarship today!

Visit our online giving form, view the complete listing of all scholarships, or contact Brooke Bowles at (660) 562-1248 or