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Major Gifts

Major gifts are gifts above and beyond annual gifts and typically fulfill a pledge made over several years. These types of gifts help support certain project-specific initiatives such as buildings and program creation, but also include endowed scholarships or professorships. These gifts can come in many forms - cash, securities, stock transfers, etc.

Starting a Scholarship/Endowment

Crisis Response StimulationNorthwest endowments provide a perpetual source of assistance for current and future students. Establishing a permanent endowment requires a minimum fund balance of at least $10,000. This endowment initially will generate a $400 annual scholarship, and as the fund grows through earnings and additional contributions, more aid will become available.

Establishing a named scholarship endowment can be accomplished with a minimum amount of effort. Many of Northwest's endowments that are well over $10,000 have been funded through:

  • transfers of appreciated stock to avoid capital gains taxes
  • families pooling funds
  • honoring someone in memoriam
  • funds from a business, corporation or foundation

All of Northwest's private endowments are held and managed by the Northwest Foundation which is staffed through the Office of University Advancement. For more information on establishing an endowment, please contact the Office of University Advancement at (660) 562-1248 or e-mail

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