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Northwest Foundation

Mission Statement

Administration BuildingThe Northwest Foundation, Inc. develops and stewards philanthropic resources for the benefit of the Northwest Missouri State University and its students.

Established in 1971, the Foundation operates independently of the state institution as a separate 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation governed by its own Board of Directors.




Dr. Robert P. FosterThe Northwest Missouri State College Educational Foundation Inc. was formed in April 1971 as a nonprofit organization with a general purpose "for the promotion of the welfare, goals and programs of Northwest" and a mission "to enhance the educational offerings and facilities of Northwest".

The Northwest Foundation Inc., as it is known today, started with $5,352 in contributions from Northwest alumni, friends, faculty and staff, and was formed under the presidency of Dr. Robert P. Foster. Its first executive officers included J. Norvel Sayler, president; B.J. Alcott, vice president; Paul Fields, treasurer; and Everett Brown, secretary. Each of the nine original directors agreed to contribute $1,000 to the Foundation. By the end of 1972, the board expanded to include 10 new members and eight ex-officio members, and more than $17,500 in contributions were recorded. The first gifts were used to support the University's library and a $500 scholarship. By 1973, the Foundation made its first sizeable purchase for the University involving an 80-acre tract of land to create an outdoor laboratory facility "to eventually be fronted by a sizeable water reservoir known as the Mozingo Watershed."

Since these early years, the Northwest Foundation has seen many changes, but it holds true to its goal to assist the University, its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Presidents of the Foundation

J. Norvel Sayler 1971-1978 Art Jablonski 1996-1997
Leigh Wilson 1979-1980 Donald Beeson 1997-1998
Robert Cobb 1980-1981 Rob Bolin Jr. 1998-2000
Larry Jones 1981-1982 Craig Kelley 2000-2002
Frank Strong 1982-1983 George Green 2002-2004
Millie Loch 1982-1983 Chuck Place 2004-2006
John Koffman 1983-1986 Jim Blackford 2006-2008
Donald Beeson 1986-1988 Mike Faust 2008-2010
Marvin Mothersead 1988-1989 Dan Runde 2010-2012
Donald Beeson 1989-1991 Holly Murphy-Barstow 2012-2014
Gweldon Long 1991-1993 Mark Doll 2014-2016
Phil Patterson 1993-1995 Arnold Johnson 2016-2018
John McCune 1995-1996 Jennifer Nicholson 2018-Present