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COVID-19 Recovery: Shelter-In-Place Exemption Process and Criteria

Requests to return employees to on-campus work status must clearly demonstrate an operational need that will result in immediate or near-term negative impacts to students, employees, campus operations, University property, and/or campus infrastructure if not accomplished. The request must also clearly demonstrate that the operational need cannot be accomplished with remote work strategies.

A request form must be completed and approved prior to employees returning to on-campus work modes. Before initiating and completing a request, supervisors should communicate with their immediate supervisor and/or respective NLT member regarding the purpose and justification of the request. 

The request form, which must be obtained from the requesting employee’s NLT representative, requires the following information be provided for review.

  • Justification regarding the necessity to return specific personnel to campus at this time
  • Evidence that applicable mitigation measures are in place and will be adhered
  • Names, schedules, and primary work location of each employee requesting approval
  • Appropriate NLT member approval. (signature or email approval)

Completed forms must be submitted to Enterprise Risk Management for review. Additional information or clarification may be requested based on unique operational needs. Final review and approval will be provided by Northwest President Dr. John Jasinski and Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Risk Management.

Decisions to return employees to campus are based on mission-critical operations, the ability to control and manage specific work environments, and the necessity to access on-campus resources. No unit or department should increase staffing levels beyond current needs without approval from Enterprise Risk Management. As decisions to expand on-site staffing in certain areas have been made, staff should follow the policies and protocols